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u003cbru003eSpeaking of the artifact of concave shape, it is none other than sunglasses. Sunglasses can be said to be a must-have concave shape, face-covering, and sun-proof item! However, there seems to be no atmosphere of wearing sunglasses in China, and everyone has no habit of wearing sunglasses. The worry in people’s hearts may be that wearing sunglasses will be said to be B, and ten foreigners, nine wear sunglasses, everyone will not find it strange! And people who love fashion, sunglasses are essential. Let's talk about the role of sunglasses first, why do we wear sunglasses? A must-have artifact for concave shape! Why are you afraid of being called B when wearing sunglasses, because after wearing sunglasses, the overall feeling is different, a lot cooler, and a suitable one Own sunglasses can add a lot to your look! For example, a lazy person like Xiaobian, who does not want to wear eye makeup in summer, then draw red lips, put on sunglasses and go out, others will think you are beautiful! Live big face, eye sunscreen artifact! In addition to the most intuitive role of concave shape, in fact, the more important thing is that wearing sunglasses can protect the eyes from sun, protect the fragile skin around the eyes, and prevent the eyes from sunburn or cause The precipitation of melanin! Ultraviolet rays will accelerate the aging of our skin. We all know that, so we will open an umbrella or put sunscreen on our body when we go out. Sunglasses are the parasols for the eyes~ resist some ultraviolet rays, and avoid squinting eyes with strong light. Zhou fine lines, but also protect the eyeballs! After talking about the benefits, say to buy! Don’t buy sunglasses from roadside stalls! Don’t buy cheap ones! Some girls bought a bunch of sunglasses of various patterns purely for concave shape, the total price is increased It may not be more than a hundred! So if you only wear this kind of sunglasses to take a selfie, then you can buy it. If you wear it out, girl, don’t, because it hurts your eyes, the eyes are the window of the soul. , Take good protection! There are two ways to identify and choose when buying sunglasses: One is to see the product logo clearly, and pay attention to whether the glasses are marked with anti-ultraviolet function and impact resistance. This is because not all sunglasses are UV-resistant. If they are sunglasses with 'UV-resistant' function, there should be '100% UV-resistant' and 'UV400' on the product label or on the front of the glasses. If it is a sunglasses with 'impact resistanceAt the same time, these signs or instructions should be kept well, in case something goes wrong, you can ask the merchant for an explanation before you can rely on evidence. . The second is to observe the quality of the lens. When the sunglasses are placed in front of the eyes, observe the distance through the lens, move the glasses up and down, left and right, the target should not swing, and the lens color is stable. Looking out through the lens, the colors of the surrounding things are not distorted, and it has the ability to recognize different color signal lights. Related Reading: Fashion Sunglasses, Famous Brand Sunglasses
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