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u003cbru003eSummer is coming, many friends have prepared fashionable sunglasses early, ready to show off their style. However, some friends have a far-sighted attitude towards sunglasses, because they think that sunglasses will cover the charming part-the eyes, which makes the whole person less energetic. In fact, wearing sunglasses can still be charming! Although the eyes It is blocked, but it can accentuate other parts, such as lips, which is more attractive! In summer, sunglasses are big enough to taste!    YC9705 Universal Sunglasses C7 White/Colorful Purple Sunglasses Makeup Four Steps 1. Make water for the skin before makeup Oil balance, first apply a mask and then make-up, it will last longer and not easy to take off! 2. Apply sunscreen, put on base makeup, use BB cream or cushion CC cream to make all the blemishes on your face invisible; 3. If it is showing eyebrows The eyebrows should be drawn clearly and stylishly. If the eyebrows and eye makeup are completely omitted if the big round lenses are like the one in the picture; 4. If the eyebrows are covered by the lens, the color of the lip can be highlighted to enhance the spirit, if it is showing the eyebrows The eyebrows have been portrayed very aggressively by the lenses, and the lips are painted in fleshy pink to show the neutral and natural side, which is also very attractive. Once you have finished your beautiful makeup, you should choose a big sunglasses that suits you. How do you choose? Sunglasses that match the shape of your face will instantly become a star!    Ray-Ban RB2447-F Men’s Sunglasses 901/4J Black/Colorful Green Heart People with a heart-shaped face have a wider forehead and a sharper chin. This type of face should try to avoid styles with a wide top and a narrow bottom, such as the all-match Traveler Wayfarer, Cateye, and Sport. People with round faces and round faces have unobvious facial lines. You should choose some square, angular sunglasses, and be sure to avoid round frames, which will make your face look more rounded, like the Traveler Wayfarer style, cat-eye style Cateye and Square are very suitable. There is no need to worry for people with melon face that belong to this type of face. A variety of styles are suitable for you. You only need to choose the one you like. The popular Traveler Wayfarer and Aviator are both good and large. Oversize is also available. People with square faces and square faces have relatively small choices. Because the face is well-defined, you can choose some rounded styles to soften your facial lines, such as round, oval frames, and even-frame shields. Related Reading: Sunglasses Brand Sunglasses Clip
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