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u003cbru003eNowadays, people’s pursuit of beauty is becoming more and more demanding, and sunglasses have become an indispensable equipment for people to shade. 25% of consumers have better UV protection. Glasses experts remind consumers that the shade of sunglasses has nothing to do with the ability to resist ultraviolet rays. The damage of ultraviolet rays to human eyes is mainly determined by the wavelength, radiation time and intensity of ultraviolet rays and the strength of the human eye's own protective mechanism. Sunglasses can block ultraviolet rays because a special coating film is added to the lenses, but the color depth of the lenses only affects the visible light absorption performance, and has nothing to do with the ability to resist ultraviolet rays. The anti-ultraviolet ability depends on the lens material, not the shade. In addition, wearing sunglasses that are not UV resistant under strong light is more harmful than not wearing glasses, which can seriously induce diseases such as cataracts. When buying sunglasses, you must choose products with guaranteed quality. The color of the sunglasses is light gray, brown or light smoky. Followed by green, amber, blue, etc. Red is only used for sunbathing or on snow.
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