Sunglasses are perfect when you choose a lip color. Look at how popular actresses demonstrate

u003cbru003eMany people wear sunglasses when they go out to cover their bare face without makeup. Sometimes they are so busy that they don’t have time for makeup. But it’s not that everything will be fine if you wear sunglasses. Your lip color will betray you every minute, so you need to choose your lip color to perfect the styling of sunglasses. Let Vision Art show you Fan Bingbing, Gao Yuanyuan, Song Qian... these How do you become a popular actress! 1. Fan Bingbing brown aviator sunglasses + brick red lipstick brown aviator sunglasses with stylish brick red lipstick, the trend sign Fan Ye's match is so fashionable and capricious. The unique color brings a silky bright lip color, an incredible makeup experience, smooth texture and long-lasting silky bright color melts between the lips. 2. Gao Yuanyuan aviator sunglasses + bean paste lipstick translucent aviator sunglasses and very popular bean paste lipstick make the overall look very fashionable and attractive, you might as well give it a try. 3. Victoria Song's black sunglasses + orange lipstick. Black sunglasses and lipsticks of any color are very good to match, and will not look very obtrusive. Victoria Song chose the orange lipstick with the color. Similar sunglasses recommended: YC9801C1 black women’s fashion retro big frame polarized sunglasses 4. Li Bingbing light golden aviator sunglasses + light pink lipstick This summer is really the world of aviator sunglasses, female celebrities all chose similar styles, and Li Bingbing matched one This pale pink lipstick, the girly temperament came out immediately. 5. Li Xiaolu black mirror sunglasses + pink lipstick and black reflective sunglasses are a must for many hipsters. Li Xiaolu matched a pink lipstick and black frame very well, and looked very cute. 6. Zhang Xinyi's blue aviator sunglasses + pink transparent lipstick. Blue sunglasses are actually very difficult to match with lipstick. Too many gorgeous colors will steal the limelight of the sunglasses. A light lipstick color is the most suitable. Similar sunglasses recommendation: Ray-Ban trendy rimless lens, bright blue alloy, large size. After reading the demonstrations of these actresses, touch the lipstick in your pocket to see which sunglasses you can wear! Related reading: Top Ten Glasses Frames Brand sunglasses brand
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