Sunglasses detection methods: comparative analysis of vertex power measurement methods

by:Timeless Eyeglasses     2021-06-25
u003cbru003eThis article introduces the comparative analysis of the vertex power measurement method of the sunglasses detection method. 1. Telescope method The telescope method is seldom used in China. It is more convenient when measuring large-size or large-curved samples; in addition, it will not be affected when measuring sunglasses with low transmittance. However, the telescope method also has the following shortcomings that cannot be ignored: the subjective judgment error is large; the rear vertex power measurement under the condition of the light source cannot be reproduced correctly; the lack of calibration method; There is a principle error. 2. Focimeter method The focimeter method is a commonly used detection method in China. It has the advantages of convenient, fast, automatic focusing, high reading resolution; it can measure flat light, with luminosity, especially lenses with cylindrical power; the measurement principle conforms to the ISO definition and other advantages. However, when the focimeter is measuring colored sunglasses with relatively low transmission, the measurement results are unstable; it is difficult to locate flat lenses with large curvature; the zero display lacks calibration methods, and the instruments of different models lack comparability and other shortcomings and shortcomings. . The details are as follows: A. Zero calibration. The measurement process of the focimeter method is relatively simple, but its vertex power indication value lacks calibration at the zero position, which results in a large divergence of the measurement results of the same sample on different focimeters. B. Transmittance. When the focimeter is measuring colored sunglasses with relatively low transmission, the indication value will be unstable, which will cause difficulty in reading. C. Sunglasses with large curvature. When the focimeter measures sunglasses with a large surface curvature, the measurement error is large due to the difficulty in positioning.
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