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u003cbru003eSummer has come quietly, and' target='_blank'>sunglasses will soon become the darling of people in shopping carts! There are various types of sunglasses. Are you caught off guard if you choose a phobia? Haha, let’s take a look. Fan Bingbing's face is more exquisite and compact. Wearing these round-frame sunglasses with a larger frame makes her face smaller, and the sunglasses use mirrored surface. Reflective design, the temperament of the goddess is undoubtedly revealed; Lin Yichen belongs to the type of the good girl next door with a round face, cuteness is the usual route, and all-match black square sunglasses are very suitable. The large round frame PK small round frame is also used as round frame sunglasses, and the size is also differentiated. In contrast, small round-frame sunglasses are more retro and are suitable for people with more personality; large round-frame sunglasses are more normal and can be worn when you go out, and in comparison, they have a smaller face. Thin-sided sunglasses PK thick-sided sunglasses. The thin-sided sunglasses give people a lighter feeling, while the thick-sided sunglasses are relatively heavy. Recommended round frame sunglasses:    Ray-Ban RB3537 Men’s sunglasses 001/2Y gold/colorful pink square frame sunglasses Recommended:    YC9708 general sunglasses C7 black frame silver legs/grey lenses    Related reading: Myopia Polarized Sunglasses Women Sunglasses
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