Sunglasses let you kill the audience

u003cbru003eIf you only give you an accessory that will attract your attention and hold the audience, what would you choose? Undoubtedly, an artifact that allows you to kill the audience in one second is: Sunglasses Smecta~ but think To kill the audience in seconds, you also need to choose sunglasses that suit you. However, there are millions of sunglasses in the world, how should we choose? Experience, everyone buys sunglasses basically the same style, popular style, or only the expensive ones that are not the right ones. When choosing sunglasses, you still have to look at a few models made this year. -----Aviator Sunglasses-----Aviator sunglasses are on fire this year, and they are all worn by your national husbands~ The mirror surface of the aviator glasses spreading to the left and right can make the bridge of the nose look more upright. The point is what your husband loves so much, how can you not love it? Fashion stars can also choose a reflective mirror, which feels hot. Recommended sunglasses: Ray-Ban RB3025 gold frame dark green film 001/58 polarized fashion metal large size sunglasses-----retro square sunglasses-----retro square sunglasses, but the big winner of the glasses, it is a wild sunglasses, all The face shape can hold. Recommended Sunglasses: Ray-Ban RB4221-F Men's Sunglasses 6167/6Q Red-----oversize oversize sunglasses -----oversize hanging on the face can make the fleshy face two small circles, it is a must-wear for the bun face mm Sunglasses! The style that mm would like to make the face look small. -----Cat-eye sunglasses-----Cat-eye glasses have thick roots, and the wide eye sockets just cover the sunken parts of the temples, creating the perfect shape of a melon face, so cat-eye sunglasses are charming and sexy. Scarlett Johansson, the beauty emerging from the oil painting, is the perfect interpreter of cat-eye glasses. There are many colors of sunglasses. Of course, the safety insurance is the dark color. Black and dark brown can't go wrong~ Related reading: popular sunglasses fashion sunglasses
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