Sunglasses maintenance strategy

u003cbru003eThe maintenance of sunglasses should be the same as ordinary optical glasses. Use a soft cotton cloth or special lens cleaning paper to remove dust or dirt on the lenses. If the lens is stained, grease or fingerprints, after wiping it, you should often clean it with lens cleaner to maintain the appearance of the glasses. It is best not to remove the stains on the lens with your hands or nails. S9103 sunglasses C07 frame purple / lens gradient purple. In addition, it is not advisable to 'wear' sunglasses on the top of the head to avoid damage to the hooks. Carefully remove them when not wearing them. Fold the glasses when placing them with the mirror facing up. Avoid lens facing down. Ray-Ban RB2140-F Unisex Sunglasses 901 Black Frame Dark Green Lens In order to save trouble, many people put the glasses that have not been put in the glasses case into their bags or pockets, so that it is easy for the sunglasses to be damaged by the corners of the key or comb. Consumers of lenses should not take it lightly. Anta Sunglasses AT8011C1 Elegant Black Ladies Sunglasses Fashion Polarized Sunglasses In hot weather, if the sunglasses are left on the dashboard of the car, the sunglasses may be deformed, especially the sunglasses with plastic frames are almost not heat resistant. Related reading: Sunglasses
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