Sunglasses makeup and hair matching rules

u003cbru003eThe cold winter is about to pass, and the warm spring is coming soon! With more and more sunny days, the frequency of the appearance of' target='_blank'>sunglasses has increased. The lady who loves beauty goes out to do makeup, do a hairstyle, and put on a pair of trendy sunglasses, it is simply too attractive. But it would be embarrassing if you don’t have a good match. Let me tell you about the rules for matching sunglasses, makeup and hair! Sunglasses with prominent frame colors. YC9707 Women's Sunglasses C8 Tortoiseshell/Colorful Yellow Suitable for face shapes: melon seed face, goose egg face and other more delicate face shapes. Suitable hairstyle: Medium-length and straight hairstyles, but don't be too straight, apply some cream on the head to make the hairstyle a little messy, the effect will be better, and the shoulder-length small curly hairstyle can also be matched with it. Suitable makeup look: light and transparent foundation, put on light pink blush, eye shadow can be adjusted according to the color of the sunglasses frame, lip gloss is good to choose warm red tones, such as water red, brick red, etc. Sunglasses with gradient lenses. Sunglasses 1105B2 gray-white trendy women's large-frame sunglasses are suitable for the face shape: as long as it is not too small, you can choose to wear it with confidence. Suitable hairstyle: suitable for straight hair with long fluttering hair, short, lean and neutral hairstyle. Compatible makeup: Choose cool-toned makeup to highlight the glamorous temperament. Punk-style sunglasses Ray-Ban RB4222 sunglasses 622/8G matte black / lens gray suitable for the face shape: some angular, strong three-dimensional face shape, not suitable for thin faces. Suitable hairstyle: shawl hair, straight hair, tousled curly hair, fortunately mid-length hair. Suitable makeup: Try to choose cool-toned foundation, eye shadow and lip gloss, such as violet. Sunglasses with distinctive decoration 2014 new product yc9002, elegant black, simple and noble retro polarized sunglasses from Europe and America, suitable for face shape: This type of sunglasses has round and square lenses, which is suitable for any face shape with better facial lines. Suitable hairstyle: For the hairstyle with the forehead exposed, the embellishments on the sunglasses should be fully revealed, and the effect of winding up the hair should be good. Suitable makeup: light-colored, cool-toned makeup, mainly for sunglasses. Related Reading: Sunglasses Sunglasses Brand
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