Sunglasses military style leads the fashion trend

u003cbru003eWith the upsurge of military parade ceremonies, the military uniform trend was once again detonated. Sunglasses are also used as a street shooting artifact for fashionable women. So the military uniform style near sunglasses can be said to lead the fashion trend! In September, which is both the military parade season and the school season Let’s take a look at how the star icon teaches you to start school first~~ Choose a military green jumpsuit like Gwen Stefani with a pair of cat-eye sunglasses, which not only shows the handsome and arrogant side, It also reveals a soft side. T-ara member Hyo Min appeared in a military uniform at the airport. The large-frame sunglasses and stunning red lips were particularly eye-catching. The square-shaped sunglasses and the reversed baseball cap make Hyomin look especially handsome! Diane Kruger's military jacket with a white heavy jacquard T-shirt is cool~ the brown sunglasses and the overall match are very coordinated , Not only is casual fashion, but also adds a free and easy personality. It seems that the trend icon also has a tough military uniform complex! The military jacket is paired with hot ripped jeans, and a pair of small frame round sunglasses are particularly exquisite and handsome. This is casual Military style is really special in~~Recommended fashionable sunglasses: Anta sunglasses AT8010C1 black European and American style large frame polarized sunglasses for women. Domestic high-quality PC frames are relaxed and comfortable, TAC high-quality polarized lenses have particularly good impact resistance; light and elegant British style makes this blockbuster The style sunglasses not only show the modern style, but also interpret the retro nostalgia elements well; the extraordinary colors on the temples reflect the intriguing retro charm; the pile heads are exquisitely crafted and are fixed with embedded screws, which are firm and reliable, and are more assured to wear . Related Reading: Sunglasses and Sunglasses
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