Sunglasses style for spring and summer

u003cbru003eThe weather is getting warmer and warmer, and the spring clothes that are inadvertently prepared will not come in handy. With the seasons, clothes are always being eliminated and replaced with new ones, and sunglasses are different. They are trendy must-have items that can be matched throughout the year. In this warm season, let us change into a trend. Match it and set off a wind of sunglasses! Even if the refreshing match of black sunglasses is a trend match of a few years ago, it is still dazzling now, but it has a touch of retro charm. The high-waisted jeans are very prominent in figure, appearing uneven and showing feminine charm. The striped top and the striped handbag echo each other, making the overall feeling more harmonious. Black sunglasses can not only block the sun, but also match the color of this body very well, especially with the camel hat. Black sunglasses are a classic match for travel. The blue-green lace top and white short skirt give it a cool summer feeling. In addition, the basic black sunglasses and camel sandals are items that can be matched with any clothing, so it does not seem strange, but it gives people a comfortable feeling. The black dress with yellow sunglasses was originally an extremely common collocation, but after adding the yellow necklace and yellow sunglasses, it was suddenly noticeable. Clothing collocation should still follow the principle of matching colors, and no more than three colors for the whole body. The colors of sunglasses and necklaces correspond exactly. The white handbags and black skirts form a contrast, and they are extravagant and playful. It is indeed a challenge to match blue sunglasses with a yellow skirt with denim. In my opinion, blue and yellow are some adventurous color combinations. However, if the blue handbag and blue reflective sunglasses are integrated into the whole collocation, it looks very much at first glance. Beautiful and fresh. Similar sunglasses recommendation: Ray-Ban RB4187F black frame purple film TR90 metal fashion high-end large size ladies sunglasses S9201 sunglasses C02 frame silver/lens green color film Related reading: Fashion sunglasses Seiko frames
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