Sunglasses: sunscreen, beautiful eyes, fashion, is so attractive

u003cbru003eSummer has not yet come, but the sun is still very strong. If you face the harsh sun directly, it will not only damage the skin around the eyes and cause aging to produce stains, but also damage the eyes. Therefore, a sunglasses is almost everyone’s shade essentials. Moreover, a pair of sunglasses can not only prevent sun protection, but also has the advantages of beautiful eyes and fashion. But what is the difference between sunglasses on the market now from tens of dollars to thousands of dollars? Can sunglasses really prevent sunburn? How to choose sunglasses? Ray-Ban RB4242 unisex frame 6201/13 brown selected sunglasses The key to look at the lens Sunglasses are not only an element of our clothing collocation, its most important function is to protect our eyes and the skin around them. When purchasing, look at the lens, color, UV index, etc. The lens is the soul of a pair of glasses, and its quality directly affects the quality of the glasses. The quality of the lens is mainly the sharpness and surface hardness, high hardness and long scratch resistance. One of the easiest ways to distinguish the quality of the lens is to shake the glasses back and forth in front of your eyes to see if the object moves with the lens. If it is, it means that the lens is not flat, has unevenness, and is poor in sharpness, and it is a substandard lens. In addition to leisure and entertainment, if the color is really for UV protection, it is best to buy sunglasses with real sun-shading lenses such as gray, tea, and green, because these relatively soft colors will not change color when looking at nature. For car owners, anti-glare polarizers can be selected. For sunglasses, the UV index is to filter out the effect of ultraviolet rays, which is a very important standard. Regular optical shops generally have instruments to detect the ability of sunglasses to prevent ultraviolet rays. A pair of sunglasses may differ in price due to differences in brand, material, publicity and other factors. Consumers should fully consider manufacturing costs, sales and services, and other links. The quality of sunglasses worth twenty or thirty yuan is often not guaranteed. Professionals remind you to go to eyewear specialty stores or eyewear counters in big shopping malls to buy. How to identify the authenticity of S9103 sunglasses C07 frame purple/gradient purple brand sunglasses wearing famous products will highlight a person's identity and taste. Dior, Gucci, Boss, Porsche and other big-name sunglasses are expensive and are sought after by many fashionistas. When buying brand-name glasses, you must first learn to distinguish the authenticity. In fact, it is very simple to look at the product code and certificate. Each style of sunglasses has its own product model and color code. These codes are specifically set by the manufacturer. Italy has many world-famous eyewear brands, as well as the world's most famous eyewear manufacturers. Safilo Group is the world's largest eyewear manufacturer, headquartered in Italy, basically all the top brand sunglasses are their products. The glasses of Dior, Gucci, Armani, etc. are all produced by Safilo. Each pair of Safilo glasses is accompanied by a certificate. It can be said that the authenticity of glasses produced by Safilo without a certificate cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, all top-brand sunglasses must have a customs declaration form, a quality inspection report, and a manufacturer’s authorization certificate. Because counterfeit or inferior products often fail to pass the qualified inspection, the quality cannot be guaranteed. Such glasses not only cannot protect our eyes, but long-term wearing can also cause certain damage to the eyes. It must not be said that what is expensive is true, but also beware of being used by others. Ray-Ban RB4187F black frame purple film TR90 metal fashion high-end large size ladies sunglasses are too important for daily maintenance of glasses. Daily maintenance of sunglasses can extend their life. Do not put the mirror face down when placing it. You should place the mirror face up or upright. When the mirror face is placed down, the most important central part of the lens will be worn away. When folding the frame, start from the left. Most frames are designed to fold from the left, so if you fold the right first, it is easy to deform the frame. When putting it in the lens case, wrap the temples with a lens cloth to avoid rubbing the lens over time. When wiping the lens, be sure to use a special lens cloth or a soft handkerchief or paper towel. When the lens is stained with dust and sand, rinse it with water before wiping, otherwise the lens may be rubbed. After wearing the glasses, always check whether the screws are loose, and find that they need to be tightened in time to prevent the lenses from falling off. Related reading: sunglasses fashion sunglasses
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