Sunglasses with sunshade and concave shape, wrong eyes

by:Timeless Eyeglasses     2021-06-19
u003cbru003eNow almost everyone has learned the concave shape of' target='_blank'>sunglasses. Whether in shopping malls, on the street or in the airport, you can see many people wearing concave sunglasses. But can all sunglasses be concave? Of course not, the sun-shading concave shape of the sunglasses is not the right choice for spicy eyes! So how should we choose sunglasses?   Many people say that sunglasses as long as they look good, or as long as they are popular; there are also many people who say that sunglasses only need to be sun-shielded and UV-resistant. Is that true? Are you really not asking for sunglasses?   Generally speaking, the style of sunglasses is OK as long as you like to wear them! What needs to be paid attention to is the color choice of sunglasses. The color choice should not only be based on personal preference, but should be selected according to your own situation. Then let's first understand the function of various sunglasses colors:    1. Gray, gray lenses are for any color Both can be absorbed evenly, so that there will be no chromatic aberration when you look at things, and give you a real and natural feeling.   2. Tawny, tawny can filter out a lot of blue light, and it can also improve the contrast and clarity of our vision.  3. Green, we all know that our eyes prefer green. Wearing green lenses can make people feel particularly cool and comfortable. Ray-Ban RB3447 Men’s Sunglasses 002/4J Black/Colorful Green Film    4. The darker the blue, blue lens, the higher the visible light absorption rate.  5. Mercury, mercury lens surfaces are mostly high-density coating technology, which can absorb and reflect visible light well. FB39801 Unisex Sunglasses The color depth of the gold frame/mercury lens sunglasses is divided into four levels according to the absorption rate of visible light. They are: visible light absorption rate 15%, visible light absorption rate 34%, visible light absorption rate 50%, and visible light absorption rate 70%. Different grades have different uses. For example, sunglasses with a visible light absorption rate of 15% are more suitable for wearing indoors and outdoors, especially for people with myopia. Sunglasses with a visible light absorption rate of 34% are suitable for daily ordinary sunlight; sunglasses with a visible light absorption rate of 50% are suitable for wearing at the seaside in the hot sun; sunglasses with a visible light absorption rate of 70% are generally only suitable for electric welding and other engineering workers.   Therefore, when we choose sunglasses, it is best to choose according to the purpose, otherwise the color is too light or too dark. Because the color is too light to effectively block the sun's rays, and the color too dark will affect your visual transmission and become dull. Related reading: sunglasses color sunglasses frame
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