Sunglasses won't be booming in peak season

u003cbru003eYesterday, the reporter visited some optical shops in the city. Basically, the shelves of every family are full of sunglasses of different styles. In some small optical shops, more than two-thirds of the counters have sunglasses. But in stark contrast, there are very few customers who buy sunglasses, and sometimes no one cares about it after opening the door for a day, and the merchants are miserable. The reporter learned from an optical shop near Jiefang Road that at this time in previous years, an average of 40 pairs of sunglasses could be sold a day, but this year, an average of 40 pairs of sunglasses could not be sold a day. 'Every year, sunglasses have entered the sales season since early April, and May and June are two peak months, but this year, affected by the special weather, they can hardly be sold.' Mr. Wang, the operator of the optical shop Reluctantly said, “I’ve put in sunglasses worth 100,000 yuan in March, and it seems that I’m going to get them in my hands this year.” During the interview, the reporter learned that most of the operators of optical shops are like Mr. Wang. Since then, they have already purchased more than 100,000 yuan, even hundreds of thousands of yuan, but now they have encountered the embarrassment of slow sales. The operator of the optical shop, Mr. Wang, told reporters that sunglasses are afraid of slow sales, because compared with ordinary myopia, sunglasses are very popular. Every year, manufacturers release new styles, and customers demand new styles. Very strong. 'So in this way, if a large number of sunglasses are sold this year, it will be difficult to sell them until next year. May has passed, and June will be on sale for a while. Soon, the peak sales season for sunglasses will pass, so everyone All anxious.' Mr. Wang said. In response to such special weather, in addition to optical shops, optical manufacturers are also facing the same embarrassment. However, during the interview, the reporter learned from some industry insiders that if such a situation is encountered, manufacturers may sell a large number of unsalable sunglasses to Vietnam, Myanmar and other countries, because the popularity there is relatively slower than here. , So there is still a certain market. The season has been postponed this year, and it is nearly mid-May, but the temperature has been reluctant to rise, and the rain is continuous, making it difficult to see the sun. Under such special weather, the reporter found that many optical shops complained repeatedly because it was the peak season for sunglasses, but they were in a dilemma of slow sales. In some optical shops, the sales volume of sunglasses is less than 1/40 of the same period in previous years.
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