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u003cbru003eSummer is here, and seeing that it gets hotter and sunburned every day, have you done your sunscreen work? The skin is fragile and needs protection, the eyes are the same, we need to take care of it. You have sunscreen on your skin, but what about your eyes? Of course it is sunglasses, are you ready for your own sunglasses? Let the editor take you to get to know a few big sunglasses. Ray-Ban RB2132-F Men’s Sunglasses 622/17 black/colorful blue Ray-Ban Ray-Ban sunglasses, along with Harley-Davidson motorcycles and ZIPPO lighters, are both a symbol of American culture. High-quality lenses have always been the selling point of its sunglasses. G-15 is the most iconic lens of Ray-Ban. Its shape is rugged and has good eye protection. In the first half of the 20th century, wearing a pair of Ray-Ban mirrors was the style of the biggest names in the show business, and Gary Grant and Audrey Hepburn were his diehards. Ray-Ban RB3449 Men’s Sunglasses Silver/Lens Colorful Blue 004/55OakleyOakley’s concept of eyewear products is subverted because it combines the comfort, practicality and artistry of glasses. Its international dominance is apart from its streamlined and beautiful appearance. In addition, there is its sports functionality. In the early days, Oakley launched a multi-purpose sunglasses series for people who love skiing, windsurfing, and running. Now, world-renowned athletes are proud to use Oakley products to protect their eyes. Oakley OO9272 Men's Sunglasses 07/Black Red/Colorful Red SUPER The SUPER sunglasses founded by Daniel and Simon Beckerman in 2007, quickly gained widespread attention worldwide in just three years, from the stars Kanye West, Daft Punk, Christina Aguila to Jamie Foxx are all loyal supporters of SUPER. The classic version of SUPER is highly recognizable, and each of the glasses is completely handmade in Italy. Oliver Peoples is a high-end American eyewear brand that is popular all over the world. Its retro design is suitable for fashionistas who love special but are afraid of being too exaggerated. When everyone in the market is making retro plastic frame glasses, Oliver Peoples can always balance color, style and size. The design is not too ostentatious, there is no big logo, but there are eye-catching color combinations and line shapes. Regardless of sunglasses or myopia, the frames are slightly thinner than ordinary frames, retro and trendy. Oliver Peoples never conducts mass production. A pair of glasses is distributed globally for only a few hundred pairs, which is by no means a style that is readily available to the general public. Persol Since the 1920s, Persol has always been a symbol of pure Italian style, and is famous for its handsome appearance and exquisite workmanship. Each pair of Persol frames is not only critical in material selection, but also a design that combines fine handwork and cutting-edge technology to create a piece of luxury. The popularity of Persol is inseparable from the 007 series of movies. It is the standard glasses of Detective Bond. Bond's characteristics: wise, bold, rigid and soft... It has become synonymous with Persol sunglasses. Related reading: Ray-Ban sunglasses brand sunglasses
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