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u003cbru003eIn the scorching summer, when you go out to play, the sun can hardly open your eyes. In addition to umbrellas and hats, sunglasses are the best weapon against ultraviolet rays. The dazzling light can penetrate your eyes and cause damage. Sunglasses can reduce the damage to your eyes from strong sunlight. YC9708 Universal Sunglasses C7 Black Frame Silver Legs/Lens Gray But most people still choose sunglasses for aesthetic considerations. They think sunglasses are modern accessories. When buying, the appearance of the glasses is the first consideration. Even the clothing store will put a lot of sunglasses for people to buy to match the clothing. Although sunglasses have decorative functions, their protective functions are the most important. The functions of sunglasses as goggles should be: 1, blocking strong light (shading effect) 2, protection function (preventing the eyes from being burned by strong sunlight, and mainly blocking ultraviolet rays) 3, optical correction 4, decorative purposes. If there is no adequate blocking of ultraviolet light, it will cause damage to the eyes in the long run. Ray-Ban RB8056 Men's Sunglasses 175/6Q Tortoiseshell is an eye protection product. The quality of sunglasses will directly affect the wearer's eye health. According to expert analysis, qualified sunglasses can effectively block ultraviolet rays and protect eye tissue from damage from strong light, while a pair of inferior sunglasses may cause serious damage to the eyes. The lighter ones will make the eyes dry, fatigue, burning and pain. , Tearing, or cause general discomfort such as dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. In severe cases, it may cause irreversible and permanent damage to the cornea, lens and retina. S9103 Sunglasses C01 Frame Black/Gray Lens The ultraviolet rays in the sunlight refer to the sunlight invisible to the human eye with a wavelength between 200nm and 300nm. According to the wavelength, we divide it into UVA (315~380nm), UVB (280~315), UVC (200~315). The damage of ultraviolet rays to human eyes is mainly determined by the wavelength, radiation time and radiation intensity of ultraviolet rays, and the strength of the human eye's own defense mechanism. The cornea and lens are the most frequently damaged parts, which are prone to cause solar keratitis, corneal endothelial damage, and solar cataract. Another characteristic of ultraviolet rays is that the damage to the eyes is cumulative. Editor's reminder: Qualified sunglasses should effectively block ultraviolet rays. There should be a corresponding mark on the qualified sunglasses lens: For example, UV400 is a lens that blocks ultraviolet rays below 400nm and is completely UV-proof. Consumers are best to go to a regular hospital optics department or a professional store to buy sunglasses, and it is best to use a spectrum analyzer to detect the UV resistance of the lenses. Related Reading: Sunglasses and Sunglasses
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