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u003cbru003eMen usually think that glasses.com/sunglasses-1.html' target='_blank'>sunglasses as long as they can block the sun and protect the eyes. As everyone knows, sunglasses are also an indispensable tool for modeling. For men, the choice of sunglasses is not only shade You look more radiant. Recommended reading: [Sunglasses Tips] N reasons to wear sunglasses. Sunglasses are too dark or light. Sunglasses with too dark colors are likely to cause traffic accidents due to poor traffic signal recognition ability; sunglasses with too light colors will not work. The role of blocking the sun. Therefore, it is recommended that when you choose to buy, try it on first to see the size of the change in chromatic aberration in the surrounding environment. Generally speaking, the color of sunglasses with small chromatic aberration is more appropriate. Of course, the above is not absolute. Personal preferences and needs for special occasions should also be included in the selection of men's sunglasses. In any case, under the premise of ensuring the effectiveness of sunglasses to care for the eyes, the best choice for you is the best choice. The frames are light and beautiful. The glasses worn by business men generally choose thin-framed glasses. Thin-framed glasses can give others a sense of wisdom and connotation, and it is easy for bosses and customers to believe in their own abilities. In addition, half-frame and frameless glasses are also very popular among white-collar workers. This kind of spectacle frame is light in weight, thin and small in appearance, fashionable and beautiful in style. The material of the frame can be metal or plastic. Frames made of various alloy materials are light, tough, strong, and resistant to sweat. The colors are gold, silver, black, coffee, etc. There are various shapes of the frame, such as round, oval, square, polygon and so on. The round frame has a long history and looks bookish; the oval-shaped line is smooth, implicit and restrained; the square and the round are classical, with clear boundaries and sharp edges and corners. It is a typical men's style; the double-beamed pear shape, commonly known as Toad mirror, a corner is cut off between the inner side and the lower side of the frame, and the inside is pointed and the outside is pointed. If you want it to be recommended by Xiaobian. Because the face shape varies from person to person, it is recommended to go to the optical shop to try it, or let the shopping guide recommend it to you, where the people are talented and nice to speak
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