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u003cbru003eIn the hot summer, the sun is strong, and a lot of ultraviolet and infrared rays may cause damage to human eyes. At this time, you need a pair of sunglasses. In addition to being stylish and cool, the main thing is that it can be used in Protect your eyes from strong light. Sunglasses can block or absorb part of the light and reduce eye irritation. Therefore, it is necessary to wear a pair of sunglasses when going out in the hot summer. Faced with various high-quality and harsh polarized sunglasses brands on the market, how should we buy sunglasses? Anta AT8002C1 large-frame polarized sunglasses 1. Check whether the sunglasses have a certificate. Generally, formal and qualified sunglasses brands have a tag, that is, a quality inspection certificate, which should be marked with the brand name, color, diameter, quality level, manufacturer name and trademark, etc., especially See if the tag has QS logo. 2. Look at the lens of sunglasses. When buying sunglasses, you can judge whether the vision is clear. Try to buy polarized lenses, because polarized sunglasses can effectively block uncomfortable glare and protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays. The color of the lens is light gray, brown or light smoky as the best color, followed by green, amber, blue, etc., and red is only used for sunbathing or snow. lenses must not have scratches, impurities, bubbles, or stripes. 3. Look at the price of sunglasses. To buy high-quality sunglasses, what you can do is to buy sunglasses at optical shops and regular eyewear shops. Generally, do not buy sunglasses brands under 50 yuan. Because in terms of cost, it is difficult to produce sunglasses that are beneficial to the human eye for less than 50 yuan. The current market price of sunglasses is more than 100 yuan, if it is lower than the market price, you need to choose more carefully. 4. Check whether the sunglasses have UV protection. YC9008 gradient brown UV protection polarized sunglasses. Not all sunglasses have UV protection. A pair of sunglasses that meet the basic requirements of the standard can only be said to block the glare while not passing through. More UV light. If a pair of sunglasses can only block the strong light but not the same amount of ultraviolet light, the wearer will receive more ultraviolet light than without sunglasses (wearing sunglasses will reduce the luminous flux into the human eye, Causes the wearer’s pupils to enlarge). 5. Try on sunglasses to see if they feel clear and comfortable. Do not wear them with dizziness, headache, or eye swelling. You can also try on sunglasses under natural light. Fortunately, when the light is strong during the day, wear sunglasses to see the ground without unevenness and the objects cannot be deformed. There are too many brands and types of sunglasses on the market, good and bad. In order to better protect the eyes, I suggest that it is better to go to a regular optical shop. Related Reading: Polarized Sunglasses Sunglasses
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