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u003cbru003eAs the ranks of myopic people grow stronger, it also adds more new elements to the sunglasses market. How to choose sunscreen sunglasses for myopia? Now let the editor teach you how to choose sunglasses. YC9705 Universal Sunglasses C7 White/Colorful Purple Choice 1: Clips simply clip the sunglasses outside the myopia. Advantages: simple and straightforward, and the cost is not high, you can remove the sunglasses to restore normal myopia when necessary. Disadvantages: There are not many styles and colors available for the clip, which is not beautiful. Option 2: The set of mirrors is adsorbed by the magnet, and a pair of sunglasses that are completely consistent with the ring of the myopia are placed on the frame of the myopia cover, and removed when necessary. Advantages: more beautiful than sunglasses clips. Disadvantages: Increase the weight of the glasses. Option 3: Dye myopic sunglasses through resin dyeing to dye myopic lenses into a certain color. Advantages: Combine two into one, simple and convenient. Disadvantages: Dyed myopia glasses are not suitable for indoor wear, only ordinary myopia glasses can be prepared separately. Option 4: The color of the color-changing lens lens changes with the intensity of the light. The color of the lens becomes darker in strong light, and the color of the lens becomes lighter in weaker light. Advantages: It solves the shortcomings of dyed myopic sunglasses that are not suitable for indoor wear. One pair of glasses can take care of indoor and outdoor, which is very convenient. Disadvantages: The lens is more expensive. Option 5: Sunglasses equipped with a degree. Now many sunglasses can be equipped with degree. You can change into sunglasses with degree when you go outdoors. Advantages: One thing has two purposes, even if you forget to bring regular myopia, you will not become 'blind'. Disadvantages: Generally, you need to bring two pairs of glasses when you go out so that you can change them at any time. After talking so much, the editor would like to ask you what are the benefits of wearing sunglasses? Why are sunglasses so popular? One of the benefits of sunglasses: It is undoubtedly to block the glare. One of the main functions of sunglasses is to block the glare. Harmful light such as ultraviolet rays enters human eyes too much, causing harm. If you wear sunglasses in the summer, you will not only block the glare and harmful light, but also prevent sand particles from entering your eyes. To a certain extent, it will become a safe haven for your eyes. The second benefit of sunglasses: Relieving eye fatigue Wearing sunglasses can reduce the adjustment burden of the eye's ciliary muscle under strong light, allowing the eyes to see objects under the habit of natural light. This is when the human eyes are comfortable and can prevent Your eyes are tired. Three benefits of sunglasses: Fashionable and beautiful sunglasses are not just a tool for shading, they are also a fashion weapon. Stars will wear a pair of sunglasses when going abroad; fashion models will wear a pair of sunglasses when going out of the street; trendy people will wear a pair of sunglasses ……Sunglasses can not only modify the face, but also give people a stylish atmosphere, making you appear handsome in the crowd. Want to know more about sunglasses and give you the answer. Related Reading: Sunglasses and Sunglasses
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