Test your personality based on the color of the sunglasses

u003cbru003eSunglasses are undoubtedly a must-have fashion item in the hot summer, you must wear them when you go out. When we usually wear sunglasses, we only pay attention to the style and color of the lens, and sometimes think about the function of the lens, but few people know that the color of sunglasses can reflect a person’s personality! If you don’t believe me, let’s do a quiz together. :[Test method] Intuitively choose the color of the sunglasses lens you like, and then check the answer! ⊙ Gray lenses (check option A) ⊙ Brown lenses (check option B) ⊙ Green lenses (check option C) ⊙ Yellow lenses (check option D)⊙ Blue lenses (check option E) ⊙ Pink lenses (check option F) A. Choose gray lenses, your personality belongs to [friend next door] 9803c3 gray lenses, toad lenses, gray lenses are the most commonly used in sunglasses, when worn There will be no obvious chromatic aberration in the scene, and it can show a real and natural feeling. It can be used at any level of light and brightness, whether it is shopping or outdoor sports. You who choose gray lenses, pursue the most natural and comfortable state, with an easygoing personality, just like a little playmate next door. B. Choose brown lenses. Your personality belongs to [Lively and Active King] YC9708 brown sunglasses. The brown lenses are mainly used to improve the contrast of the scene and make things easier to identify. Therefore, the brown lens becomes the ideal choice for athletes who often compete outdoors in strong light. If you choose brown lenses, you love to keep your vision sharp even when outdoors, your nerves are always excited, and full of energy all the time! C. Choose green lenses, your personality belongs to [art and freshness] YC9712 green lens sunglasses green lenses can improve your eyes The perception of green light and blue light, although it will slightly change other colors on the object, can relax and soothe the eyes and inject a touch of refreshment into the vision. You who choose green lenses like to stay fresh and soothing at all times. The succinct literary atmosphere always radiates from you from the inside out. D. Choose yellow lenses. Your personality belongs to the [winter little sun] 2140A sunglasses clip yellow lenses are more suitable for sports in low-light environments in winter, even if it is foggy or dusk, it can effectively improve contrast and enhance vision The clarity. If you choose yellow lenses, you tend to have warm colors in your heart. Even in adversity, you can emit positive energy like sunlight! E. Choose blue lenses. Your personality belongs to [Maverick] Ray-Ban RB2132-F blue lenses Sunglasses blue lenses are suitable for environments with weak sunlight. They can soften low-intensity sunlight and protect the eyes from the cold wind. It is an excellent choice for cold weather. You who choose blue lenses like to create a slightly futuristic look. Under the cool appearance, you have a maverick heart. F. Choose pink lenses. Your personality belongs to [Fashion New Favorite] Ray-Ban. RB4175 Pink Lens Sunglasses. Pink lenses are mainly used as decorations, which can add a finishing touch to the fashion style, and are mostly suitable for indoor or banquet occasions. You who choose pink lenses, yearn for a beautiful atmosphere full of fashion sense. Publicity of personality makes you the focus of attention among the crowd! Have you found your unique sunglasses after reading the above content? If you want to have more choices, please come, more sunglasses styles and colors for you to choose. Related Reading: Spectacle Lens Coating
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