The beauty of the details of the carved temples of the spectacle frame

u003cbru003eWhen we usually choose a spectacle frame, we mainly look at the design of the front part of the spectacle frame. Generally speaking, there may be relatively little attention to the temples, and the main focus of the glasses on the market is the simple style. The design of the temples will not be particularly prominent, but if the temples of the spectacle frames meet the carved design, such beauty is beyond words! FB60016 Women's spectacle frame C105 wine red exquisite carved temples, just like the unclear of the deep house woman Mind, gentle and delicate, half-frame glasses fused with popular elements, presenting another kind of temperamental beauty, reflecting the tenderness wrapped in the mysterious violet frame more vividly. The hollow engraved design of JA034BC3 upper purple gun alloy glasses lattice style echoes the square glasses frame. The boxy design gives people a serious and meticulous feeling, while the color of the glasses is very girlish. Wear it. It shows the feminine beauty. Advanced welding technology is used in the connection between the temples and the frame, which is not easy to damage and does not affect the appearance. Titanium FB60066 Red C9 Frameless Frame for Women’s Myopia Glasses Frame The temples of this spectacle frame are simply hollowed out. Such a unique design, with concavities and convexities, embodies a sense of hierarchy and is artistic; the whole pair of glasses uses very few materials , The frameless design and the hollow design of the temples make this spectacle frame lighter, simpler and more comfortable. Related reading: Ports glasses with pure titanium frame
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