The choice of functional sunglasses

u003cbru003eIntroduction: In the hot summer, sunglasses have become a must-have item for trendy people. In addition to ordinary sunglasses, there are also various functional sunglasses. How should we choose and distinguish them? The choice of various functional sunglasses: 1. 100% ultraviolet filter or UV400: high-quality sunglasses should have this label. Sometimes the label will also be written as 'ultraviolet absorption up to 400nm2. Can filter 99% of ultraviolet rays: A pair of high-quality sunglasses should be able to filter 99% to 100% of type A and type B ultraviolet rays, and the color must be uniform, and the image must not be deformed or produce other defects. To check whether the sunglasses meet the standard, you can lift them up and face some rectangular patterns, such as the floor, and slowly move the lenses left and right up and down. If the rectangular lines remain straight, it is qualified. Studies have pointed out that when skiing on snow or water skiing at sea, people who wear inferior sunglasses receive three times higher doses of ultraviolet rays than people who do not wear glasses. 3. Polarizer: Polarizer can remove dazzling glare caused by reflection, suitable for driving and other water activities. 4. Mask-type sunglasses: The exterior design prevents light from entering from the edge of the frame. It can provide special protection for people who often engage in outdoor work or sports, and at the same time prevent light from being reflected from the back into the eyes. 5. Metal-plated lens or reflective lens: The lens is plated with a thin metal layer, which can reduce all the light entering the eyes, but cannot completely filter the ultraviolet rays. 6. Polycarbonate lenses and space lenses: Polycarbonate fiber lenses are mainly used to make jet hoods, riot shields and sports glasses. In fact, with this kind of sturdy material, lenses of any degree can be manufactured. 7. Gradient color lens: The color of this kind of lens will not change with the intensity of light. There are two kinds of single-layer gradient color and double-layer gradient color. Single-layer gradient lens, the lens has darker to lighter colors from top to bottom, which is suitable for motorists. It can block the glare of the sun and also allows the driver to see the dashboard clearly; the double-layer gradient lens is located on the lens, The bottom is dark, and the middle color is light. This design can block the light reflected from the water, snow or sky. Article Title: Selection of Functional Sunglasses Article Arrangement:
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