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by:Timeless Eyeglasses     2021-05-02
u003cbru003eSunglasses have become a must-have item for many people when going out in the summer when the sun is dazzling. In recent years, cool high-reflective film sunglasses have become more popular due to the wearing of many stars. But did you know? This kind of cool sunglasses can't be worn while driving. It will not only make you 'black eyes' when you enter the tunnel, but also make you 'silly and blind' when you encounter traffic lights. When shopping for sunglasses, do you just look at the style and the shape of your face? Look at the category and transmittance level to call it an 'expert'. Recommended reading: Mistakes in choosing sunglasses, have you caught it? Is the lens bright like a mirror cool? The beach and snow are only necessary for consumers to wear sunglasses to ensure that the intensity of the transmitted light is weakened to reduce eye irritation, but also to ensure a certain amount of light transmitted, which can effectively distinguish the details and colors of objects. Therefore, the transmittance is too high or too low to meet the requirements. The light projection ratio, traffic signal projection ratio, and signs of some products do not meet the standard requirements, etc. Unqualified indicators will affect driving safety. The main manifestation is that the sunglasses category and transmittance grade are not indicated on the tag of the sunglasses purchased in accordance with the standard requirements. Without this information, consumers cannot choose according to their own use environment when purchasing sunglasses. Although some high-reflective film sunglasses are labeled as sun-shading mirrors, the detected light transmittance indicates that they should be special-purpose sunglasses. They are only suitable for use in environments with strong light radiation such as snow, deserts, and beaches. They are not suitable for normal wear. , Not as a driving mirror. However, when some consumers choose sunglasses as driving mirrors, they will cause serious safety hazards to consumers because they affect the recognition of traffic lights. The darker the color, the better UV protection? Anti-ultraviolet function is 'standard'. Many consumers have a special liking for dark lenses when they buy sunglasses. They think it can better block ultraviolet rays. Consumers should treat business promotions rationally and do not need to pay special attention to the indicator of UV protection. The choice of shades of sunglasses lenses should depend on the place of activity required. To make sunglasses can effectively block the summer glare, the color of the glasses should have a certain depth, but cyclists or motorists should not choose too dark lenses. . As a driving mirror, you should choose a lighter-colored type 2 sunshade mirror or light-colored sunglasses, so that it can meet the driving requirements under various environmental changes. How to choose? First learn the transmittance index of the transmittance grade sunglasses directly affect the safety of the wearer while driving, so let's learn the transmittance first. According to the standard, the transmittance of sunglasses is divided into 4 levels, the higher the level, the higher the light blocking rate. Generally, the categories of sunglasses are divided into: light-colored sunglasses, sun-shading glasses and special-purpose sunglasses. Light-colored sunglasses have a Class 1 transmittance and the lightest lens color, which is suitable for most daily life. Sun-shading mirrors include Class 2 transmittance and Class 3 transmittance. The lenses are relatively dark in color and are only used when the sun is strong, especially in the hot summer environment. Special-purpose sunglasses have a transmittance of class 4 and the darkest lens. They are only suitable for use in skiing, desert, beach and other situations. Knowing the meaning of different transmittances, you can choose different types of sunglasses according to your actual needs when buying sunglasses. Among the sunglasses currently sold in the market, if the mark is qualified, three categories will be indicated: light-colored sunglasses, sun-shading glasses and special-purpose sunglasses. Light-colored sunglasses are suitable for when the sun is not strong; sunshades can block most of the strong sun Function: If you are going to ski, beach, desert and other strong sunlight conditions, you can choose special-purpose sunglasses, but this kind of sunglasses is only suitable for use when the sun is particularly strong. Once you are indoors and other dark environments, immediately remove the sunglasses And this type of sunglasses is not suitable for driving. For sunglasses, the most important thing is that the color of the lens cannot be deviated, and the color of the surrounding environment cannot be distorted. How do consumers judge the quality of a pair of sunglasses? Before wearing sunglasses, first observe the red, green, yellow and other colored objects, and then put on the sunglasses to observe the same object. The color of the two observations should not be biased. Color, judging otherwise will reduce the ability to identify traffic lights. 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