The elderly actually need to wear sunglasses

u003cbru003eIn the eyes of many elderly people, wearing sunglasses in summer is a matter of young people catching up with fashion. But in fact, summer sun protection is equally important for the elderly, and it can effectively prevent the occurrence of certain eye diseases. Ray-Ban RB4242 Unisex Glasses Frame 6201/13 Excessive ultraviolet rays in the summer can cause corneal edema, tearing, pain and other symptoms that affect vision. According to an authoritative foreign journal of ophthalmology, prolonged exposure to the sun will cause early 'age-related macular degenerationAnd for patients suffering from eye diseases such as cataracts, keratitis, conjunctivitis, and retinal detachment, wearing sunglasses can promote the recovery of the disease and bring enough cooling and protection in the hot summer. When the elderly choose sunglasses, they should choose lenses that can block ultraviolet rays. They must look at the logo carefully. The higher the price, the stronger the protection. The elderly can choose different sunglasses on different occasions. For example, you should choose a polarizer when fishing, which can eliminate the glare from all directions and make the field of vision clearer. When the elderly go to the suburbs to climb mountains, they can choose gray and brown sunglasses, which have good UV protection. Ray-Ban RB8056 Men's Sunglasses 175/6Q Tortoiseshell Sunglasses also have some precautions. When crossing the road or going to the shade, you must remove the sunglasses in time, because the eyes have a process of adapting from the light to the darker, or to the crowded area, which can easily lead to dizziness. At this time, remove the sunglasses. safer. Wearing sunglasses should not be too long. It is recommended to take off and rest every hour or two, and gently massage around the eyes, otherwise symptoms such as headache, irritability, blurred vision and even loss of vision will occur. The elder’s lens is aging and swelling, so you should not wear sunglasses for a long time, otherwise it will cause accumulation of the iris roots, which will hinder the outflow of aqueous humor and increase intraocular pressure. In addition, the elderly with glaucoma, retinitis, color blindness, and night blindness are not suitable for wearing sunglasses. The above is the compilation and editing of the editor. For more glasses knowledge, please go to view. Website: In addition, there are a variety of spectacle lenses to choose from, with high quality and low price! Related reading: Polarized Sunglasses Myopic Polarized Lens
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