The glasses are cleverly matched with eye makeup to show off the star temperament

u003cbru003eNowadays, glasses are no longer the patent of the nearsighted people, and become a must-have fashion item for hipsters. Just like clothes and hairstyles, clever matching will add a lot to your outfit. Nowadays, many big-name celebrities use glasses to decorate their faces and make themselves more colorful. However, if your makeup is not exquisite and does not match well, it will be counterproductive. Now we will learn how to make glasses and eye makeup more coordinated. Style1: Long frame + lower eyelashes    strengthen the arc eye shape, reduce the pressure of the frame!   The long frame has an elegant sense of innocence, and after wearing it, the level of compassion increases sharply! However, the frame is flat and oppressive, and the thick eye makeup makes the eyes smaller. It is better to wear the eyelashes and use the fan-shaped eyelashes to enlarge the eye shape and strengthen the power of charm!  POINT: Tools can be used to stick along the roots of the eyelashes, but you must use the eyebrow curler to clamp the false eyelashes to get started. Style2: Two-color frame + repair color    Orange blush brush slightly modifies the dark circles under the eyes    Orange blush brush can modify the dark circles under the eyes, and the width of the cheeks seems to shrink accordingly, even if the frames are colored, they are not afraid of swelling!  POINT: The range control brush under the eyes dips orange and brushes from just below the black eyeball along the edge of the dark circle to the end of the eye. Style3: dark blue frame + pink cheek bright blush to reduce the dullness of the dark frame. If the dark green frame is lined with coral orange blush, the face will turn black. Choose a brighter complexion to make the style lively!   POINT: pink cheek Brush the red complexion first, round the smiley muscles, and then gently brush with the remaining powder to the bright cheeks at the hairline. Style4: round frame + lift up eyeliner and eyeliner, the eyes are more feminine and feminine. The round frame always gives people a cute feeling. If you extend the eyeliner beyond the end of the eye, the eye shape will be slender and slightly charming, and the shape will be cute and sexy. taste.  POINT:   1. Align the eyeliner with the end of the eyebrow.    The brown eyeliner is softer, and it can be drawn flat to the end of the eyebrow. If it is too long, it will be too gorgeous.  2. Brushing the eyelashes with thick mascara can increase the density of the roots and create invisible eyeliner to make the eye shape deeper.
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