The matching of common face shapes and sunglasses

u003cbru003eNowadays,' target='_blank'>sunglasses have become a must-have item for the season, protecting the eyes and showing individuality. But everyone says that wearing sunglasses depends on the shape of your face. What are the common facial shapes? How to choose a suitable sunglasses according to the face shape? Let's take a look at the matching of common face shapes and sunglasses.  How to choose sunglasses according to the face shape  (1): Oval face YC9720 Ladies sunglasses C03 bright black/colorful blue  As the name suggests, the forehead is rounder and the chin is slightly pointed, and the cheekbones are higher. People with an oval face can have a concave shape and try many different shapes, but it is best to choose a horizontal frame that is slightly larger than the line of the face, covering the cheekbones, but the area should not be too large to cover the face. If the cheekbones are submerged in the frame, it will look abrupt, like a dragonfly. Generally speaking, the oval type is the most lucky! It is recommended to choose large-frame sunglasses.   (2): Guazi face    Actually, Guazi face is similar to oval face, but Guazi face has a sharper chin, which makes the cheekbones more prominent. When the sunglasses frame is too small and does not cover the cheekbones or temples, it will be very embarrassing. In addition, try to avoid choosing models with ornaments on the upper part of the frame, which appear to be wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. The effect of the frame will be lost if you follow the line of the face. It is recommended to choose round sunglasses. Recommended reading: What are the outstanding sunglasses brands?  (3): Round face   This is a face with the softest lines, with fuller upper forehead, cheeks and lower jaw. Round faces are suitable for choosing angular frames, and not too exaggerated cat glasses frames are also suitable. The sharp lines can beat the sensuality, modify the lines of your face, and play a role in thinning your face. In addition, it is necessary to avoid the big three-round dilemma of round face and round frame. It is recommended to choose square sunglasses.   The above is the content related to the matching of common face and sunglasses, but it is only for reference. The specific choice should be selected according to your own preferences. In the process of selecting or wearing sunglasses, if you encounter any problems, you can consult customer service online. Related Reading: Sunglasses Face Sunglasses Brand
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