The national football team has qualified, and the spectacle party should also change

u003cbru003eFor those who love football, the evening of the 29th should be a carnival night: after 15 years, Chinese football once again qualified, defeated Qatar 2-0 in Xi'an, in order to qualify for the 2018 World Cup Asian qualifiers The top 12 matches fulfilled the preconditions. With a total of 11 points, the Chinese football team finally became one of the four teams with good results in the top 40 matches, miraculously advancing to the top 12 matches! All of a sudden, 'the national football team enters the top 12 matches' has become a hot topic on Weibo. Discuss the topic, and quickly triggered a storm of screen-scrolling in the circle of friends. It seems that the hatred of the Chinese people for the national football team no longer exists, and some dark jokes about the national football team have also become the voice of encouragement on the way forward for the national football team. For most Chinese people, although they are swearing at the national football team, they still care about it in their hearts. After all, their children are babies! Of course, in our ordinary lives, in addition to football, there are many more The outside world is very exciting, but for the shortsighted people, if they want to see the outside world clearly, they need a pair of suitable glasses to help. And if you are considering changing your glasses, or want to learn more about glasses, please pay attention to it and provide you with more fashion glasses information! Spring is coming, and many people are going to go out for fun, but it's huge The sun is dazzling, and I want to buy a pair of sunglasses and wear myopia glasses, which is really a headache. Today I recommend several myopic polarized sunglasses for you, which are not only anti-ultraviolet, but also anti-glare. The main thing is that they can also be used as myopia, allowing you to travel, drive, and myopia! YC9702 women's sunglasses C5 white frame purple legs /Lens Colorful Purple YC9708 Universal Sunglasses C7 Black Frame with Silver Legs/Lens Gray YC9703 Women's Sunglasses C3 Black/Colorful Blue The above content is provided, if you want to know more, please visit the website: https://www.yichao. cn/ Related Reading: Myopia Sunglasses Myopia Polarizer
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