The perfect glasses for winter sports

u003cbru003eWe are in the winter sports season, downhill and cross-country skiers and skiers spend winter vacations and weekends on the slopes. However, this puts a lot of pressure on our eyes because the snow magnifies the reflection of the sun and makes contrast more difficult. Therefore, the correct' target='_blank'>sunglasses are essential, especially for safety reasons. How to find the right winter sports glasses: When buying glasses, be sure to find shatter-resistant and elastic lenses made of polycarbonate. Due to its light weight, the material is very comfortable to wear. Due to its elasticity, polycarbonate lenses are also suitable for children's glasses. Our sports polarized, ColorMaticIQ ® Sun or SunContrast lens reflective surface such as snow provides perfect visual comfort. Due to the polarization or contrast enhancement effects, you can greatly reduce glare, improve color perception, and clearly show details and contrast. Smart ColorMaticIQ ® sunglasses adapt to all lighting conditions at lightning speed. They have six attractive colors, which darken smoothly from 5% to 85%. Recommended reading: What is the use of polarized sunglasses Of course, all lenses can be used in your personal prescription, and the wearer of progressive lenses can enjoy perfect visual effects during exercise. Impression® Sports 2 is the first progressive lens, tailored to the dynamic visual needs of sports. These lenses provide an excellent sense of space and clear vision (especially at dusk), they have a large, balanced vision area, and can provide different tones for different sports. Combined with patented glasses technology, you can make full use of your vision potential. Impression® Sport 2 lenses come with strong or slightly curved spectacle frames, as well as in clip versions. It looks better and looks perfect on the hillside. Related Reading: Mountaineering Sunglasses Polarized Sunglasses
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