The predecessor of sunglasses

u003cbru003eWhether it is glasses or sunglasses, it is now commonplace. However, few people may think about when the glasses or sunglasses we wear today appeared? There is no exact answer to the origin of glasses until today. However, it is generally accepted that glasses appeared after the mid-13th century. There are two most common Ray-Ban RB4125F men’s sunglasses 901 black: one is that according to the 15th century document 'Are glasses an ancient invention?Yes, of course this has yet to be verified. It is also said that glasses were invented in China, because in 1240 a Chinese literati named Zhao Xihu wrote in the 'Dong Tian Qing Lu': In ancient China, there was something that resembled a big coin with a color that resembled mica, the old man. When I get older, my eyesight is diminished and I can’t read a book, so I wear something that looks like a big coin on my eyes to focus my sight so that I can see more clearly. Marco Polo also recorded in 1260: 'Chinese old people wear glasses to read clearly.' Ray-Ban RB4222 Men's Sunglasses 622/8G Matte Black/Grey Lens Glasses In the early days of the invention, craftsmen only polished them. Convex lenses did not come out until around 1400 AD to correct myopia. Although Zhao Xihu’s record is half a century earlier than the relevant Italian documents, some historians believe that the above text was added by later generations in the Ming Dynasty. Ray-Ban RB3016-M Men’s Sunglasses 1182/4E Wood Grain However, as far as sunglasses are concerned, they are probably invented by the Chinese. According to the 12th century Liu Qi’s 'Return to QianzhiGenerally, only officials and adults of the yamen can wear it, not to block the dazzling sunlight, but to prevent others from seeing his reaction when listening to the confession. Related reading: sunglasses men sunglasses women
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