The principle and advantages of colorful reflective film sunglasses

u003cbru003eAnti-reflective coatings, also known as AR coatings and anti-glare coatings, are used to improve your vision through lenses and improve the appearance of your glasses. AR lens can improve vision through the lens, because it can eliminate the reflection of light on the front and back of the lens. By eliminating reflections, the AR coating allows 99.5% of the light to enter the eye through the lens, making the lens look clearer and more attractive, and allowing light to enter your eyes. Recommended reading: Watching celebrities set off a wave of reflective sunglasses. It is recommended to put AR coating on high refractive index lenses, because these lenses are known to reflect more light from the surface of the lens. Adding an AR coating will allow more light to pass through the lens instead of creating annoying reflections, making it difficult to drive at night. The surface of AR coated lenses is treated with a 'hydrophobic' treatment, which repels water and eliminates the appearance of water spots. AR lenses can also be treated with 'oleophobic' treatment, which can be water and oil resistant. These lens treatments have the characteristics of making the lenses look like non-stick cookware, but we do not recommend using them for cooking. Advantages of anti-reflection coating: anti-reflection coating on the lens can not only enhance your appearance; reduce glare and reflection; reduce glare at night while driving; AR coating helps prevent people who work in front of the computer all day Eye fatigue'; enhance the appearance of glasses; make the lens look invisible. Since the AR coating is a special coating, it takes more work to take care of these lenses. For example: Do not clean the lens. Even if you only have water to rinse them out before cleaning, so you don't grind anything in the lens. Only use microfiber cloth, do not use ties or shirts. Please put your glasses in the box at night and when not in use. You can use a glasses cleaner, but skip most household dish soap because it can eat the lens. Keep alcohol and acetone away from the lens, as they may swallow the lens. It is recommended to use these care tips to ensure that your AR coating can last as long as possible.
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