The role of sunglasses is more than just a concave shape

u003cbru003eSummer, when it comes to the artifact of concave shape, it is definitely sunglasses~, sunglasses can be said to be a must-have concave shape, cover your face, and sunscreen! But in the country, it seems that there is no atmosphere of wearing sunglasses and no one has the habit of wearing sunglasses , Many people’s concerns may be that wearing sunglasses will be said to be B, and ten foreigners, nine wearing sunglasses, everyone will not find it strange! And those who love fashion and love B, sunglasses are indispensable. But sunglasses are not only the role of concave shape B~Let’s talk about the role of sunglasses first, why do we wear sunglasses~ Reason 1: Sunglasses are a must-have artifact of concave shape! Why are you afraid of being called B when you wear sunglasses? , The overall feeling is different, a lot cooler, a sunglasses that suits you, can add a lot to your look! For example, I am a lazy person like this, if you don’t want to wear eye makeup in summer, then draw one Red lips, wear sunglasses to go out, others think you are beautiful enough! Reason 2: Cover your big face and sunscreen for the eyes! In addition to the most intuitive role of concave shape, in fact, the more important thing is that wearing sunglasses is eye-catching A sunscreen can protect the fragile skin around the eyes and prevent sunburn or the precipitation of melanin! Ultraviolet rays will accelerate the aging of our skin. We all know that, so we will use an umbrella or put sunscreen on our body when we go out. Sunglasses are parasols for the eyes~ Resistant to part of the ultraviolet rays, and avoid squinting in strong light, forming fine lines around the eyes, and protecting the eyeballs! So these goblins who love sunglasses in the fashion circle are actually taking care of themselves! YC9708 Universal Sunglasses C8 Red Frame Golden legs/grey lenses, so what kind of sunglasses are good sunglasses? First of all, a good pair of sunglasses is definitely not a roadside stand, so don’t buy sunglasses from a roadside stand! Don’t buy the cheap ones! Some girls are purely for concave shapes, I bought a bunch of sunglasses of various patterns, and the total price may not exceed one hundred! This kind of sunglasses, if you only wear them to take selfies, then you buy them. If you wear them out, girl, don’t , Because it hurts your eyes, the eyes are the window of the soul, take good care! Then, there are so many colors in sunglasses, you need to choose carefully! lenses are divided into four types according to the depth, followed by 15%, 34%, 50%, 70% The 15% depth is the shallowest, suitable for indoor and outdoor wear, especially for people with eyesight, which can avoid the trouble of removing and putting on. 34% depth, suitable for use under general sun exposure; 50% sunglasses, can be worn in the hot sun and the sea; 70%, wearing electric welding! Recommended lens color: the best lens color for the human eye is : Gray, green, brown too dark or too light is not good! Supplement: It’s not that the deeper the color depth, the better the UV resistance, the color depth has nothing to do with UV resistance, and the UV resistance is related to the lens material. Recommended reading: What material is good for sunglasses lenses As I said earlier, UV protection has nothing to do with the depth of the lenses and the material. If you add a material that emits ultraviolet light, then it has the function of emitting ultraviolet light, and such glasses generally have a UV logo! The current processing technology, it seems that the maximum UV protection can only reach 97%, and it can't reach 100%! In addition to the Uv logo, it is the material. The resin lens has a strong anti-ultraviolet function. It is recommended to buy! The glass is not only poor in UV protection, but also hurts the eyes. It is not recommended to buy! Related reading: better Sunglasses fashion sunglasses
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