The star shows you how to use sunglasses for concave shape

u003cbru003eFor every fashion celebrity, almost all have a' target='_blank'>sunglasses that can represent their own attitude, whether it's being cool or attitude, anyway, as an antique artifact in the street photography world-sunglasses have always had an unusual status. If you want to attract the attention of others and the stunning shape, you must have something different, and you must have a place that will surprise everyone when you appear on the stage and make others envy or admire. Sunglasses are often the best choice at this time. Believe it or not, let’s take a look at the amazing looks of the stars with sunglasses! Chen Shu has always played those unpretentious roles, and she has always been known to her mothers, but today’s changes really have to be defined by 'reverse growth'. Beautiful face, fair skin, good temperament, and better and better dressing taste, really make people believe in the fairy tale of rejuvenation! Beige sleeveless leather top, dark booty jeans, colorful polka dot cat eye glasses make the body proportion and The concave face is perfect and stylish, leading the 'high' street fashion! Ou Hao showed off his small muscles in 'Left Ear' and killed all kinds of women born in the 60s to 00s, but the cute Ou Hao admitted that although he loves Shaku is actually just a warm guy who likes to wear long trousers. The confident Ou Hao is born a clothes rack, with good looks, long legs, and muscles. The key is that he is really not a bitch. Such rare meat will not conquer the fashion circle in minutes! Blue striped shirt , Light blue pinstripe stitching suit, sea blue vertical striped shorts, wearing his love-personalized earrings, showing coolness in leisure, mixing and matching mature charm in youth, perhaps unruly attitude is youthful taste. Ouhao, who is always going to be cool, also chooses sunglasses and equipment. A pair of black Dior sunglasses make his aura and grade soar instantly. It is so much more face to wear when going out for a party! Sunglasses can not only wear out the unruly trend, but also can interpret the retro master Fan! Let's take a look at how senior sportsman He Rundong wears warm colors with sunglasses. A beige quilted suit looks soft, pro-wear and very high-end. The three-quarter sleeve suit is cool and fashionable, with a gradient T-shirt and loafers of the same color. It is full of casual taste. The warm color and the iconic He Rundong The smiley face of a warm and warm mature man can be easily matched! Oh yes, don’t forget to wear a pair of strap-on sunglasses to make the style more mature and more stylish, just rely on it! If you are afraid of warm colors Be careful to be a sissy, you can match a pair of sunglasses decorated with straps. The retro master style makes the match more fun and adds a masculinity. The aura is also improved. There is really no reason not to choose it! Sunglasses are a variety of artifacts. All styles take everything. If you don’t believe me, look at Liu Yifei’s interpretation of urban casual style! When it comes to urban style, what better suits to wear than sunglasses? Don’t choose brown or candy colors, black and blue thin borders are just right. It is an absolute guarantee for the rate of return. Orange sweater vest, black diamond pattern shorts and some exquisite accessories sparkle a little femininity, the vibrant and confident urban casual girl immediately emerges! Related reading: Dior glasses sunglasses
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