The story of glasses and the stars

u003cbru003eNicole Rich, a Hollywood fashionista and Paris Hilton’s good friend, revealed a little secret when she talked about fashion, 'Something that can improve your fashion in a second--oh , Of course they are XXL sunglasses. I even bought one at a gas station for $3. 'For a star, nine of ten stars are wearing it, and one is abnormal if it is not worn. Oversized sunglasses can not only cover up the dark circles of stars, but also instantly enhance the taste of stars. Their important role is to make the face look smaller, so you can see Victoria Beckham always wears an oversized 'black super' 'On the tour, Gao Yuanyuan didn't forget Oakley wearing her when kissing her new boyfriend. It's no wonder that big brands are now aggressively advertising glasses, making more money than selling clothes and bags. Of course, Chinese celebrities also love sunglasses, but the degree of love is obviously not as good as that of American celebrities. The situation with Chinese characteristics is that after becoming famous, male celebrities fall in love with square rubber-framed glasses, even without lenses. The outstanding representative is Sun Honglei. In 'Mei Lanfang' Qiu Rubai wears a pair of gold wire round glasses, while in 'Latent' Yu Zecheng has become an eyewear expert. It is said that he was To fight for the right to wear glasses, you almost have to turn your face with the director. What is more obvious is that in recent years, no matter what kind of public occasions he attends, his personal assistant has always prepared him two pairs of glasses, a pair of sunglasses, and a pair of plastic-framed glasses. White, green, blue and black, easy to match with all kinds of clothes. There is another male celebrity who has similarities and ingenuity, that is, the Northeast person who also has small eyes-Xiao Shenyang. He was still a girl in the Spring Festival Gala. He was still a girly, fancy, and wrestling two-person actor, but it was the Lantern Festival. The pair of white plastic-framed glasses immediately added a touch of books to him. Article Title: The Story of Glasses and the Stars Article Editor:
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