The 'wonderful flowers' that weird said, tell you what weird glasses are

u003cbru003e'Wonderful Flower Talk' is a talk show created by iQiyi in the form of debate. Just like its name, the contestants, mentors, and even the host Ma Dong in 'Wonderful Flowers' are all 'big strange flowers'. These wonderful flowers have won the love of many audiences with their unique insights and talent for speaking, and the editor also likes these talkers very much. Their outfits are also in line with the term 'wonderfulMa Weiwei can be said to be the goddess of glasses in 'Wonderful Flowers'. Almost every game will be equipped with a different glasses frame, sometimes intellectual and sometimes playful. In this game, she passed a lovely black dress with love, and a red hair rope on her head, which made her look very youthful and energetic, and this pair of large-frame glasses made her age down a lot. Our 'Baby Today' is also a fan of glasses. Although the simple and innocent and pure, she has slowly evolved into a 'dirty lotus' under the leadership of the players, but she still looks like a lovely representative. The frames that Yan Rujing usually chooses are relatively basic styles. The frames are not that big and fit the entire face. Chen Ming, who likes 'calling love in the center of the universeSuch spectacle frames are generally made of titanium, which are relatively light and do not pinch their noses, making them a better choice for business men. Glasses frame recommendation:    Seiko HC1004C19 matte black men’s business pure titanium half-frame myopia glasses    Ray-Ban unisex high-end plate RB5296D2000 black glasses Related reading: Seiko Ports Glasses
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