There are car race sunglasses to choose like this

u003cbru003eThe weather is getting warmer, and many friends with cars will choose to drive out on a sunny day to experience the scenery of nature. At this time, you need a pair of sunglasses if you are driving. Ray-Ban RB3532 Men's Sunglasses 001/68 Gold Sunglasses is not a decorative effect for car owners, but to protect the eyes and avoid sun glare to ensure driving safety. So how to choose sunglasses for car owners? I will tell you the answer. To put it simply, there are four points: 1. The mirror legs should not be too wide, because it will affect the driver's observation of the sides of the car. 2. The lens should not be too small, because it can't protect the eyes better. 3. Choosing more eye-catching styles and colors will make the whole person more obvious. 4. The color of the lens is good, the top is deep and the bottom is light, and the frame is moderate. Seeing this, attentive friends may have to ask, why choose upper and lower lens colors? Because many fashionable sunglasses are lighter in color, but their UV protection is not as strong as dark sunglasses. However, for drivers, sunglasses with too dark colors may reduce the sensitivity of the visual center to environmental perception, and the sensitivity to dark adaptation will also decrease. Drivers are prone to danger when they enter a dark tunnel. Therefore, experts suggest that the sunglasses worn by the driver should have progressive color lenses, that is, the upper darker and lower lighter. The dark part can block ultraviolet rays and prevent the sun from dazzling, while the light part below allows the driver to see the dashboard clearly. 9805 mirror legs, gun lens, dark green toad mirror, genuine driver mirror, men’s alloy polarized sunglasses . Related Reading: Sunglasses Polarized Sunglasses
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