There are many aspects to pay attention to when choosing sunglasses for children

u003cbru003eThe number of consumers who choose sunglasses and myopia is gradually increasing. In order to allow people to buy a pair of qualified and comfortable glasses, the editor reminds consumers to pay attention to three aspects when choosing glasses: 1 , Pay attention to the optometry link. Ray-Ban RB3532 Men's Sunglasses 001/68 Gold Choose a pair of suitable and comfortable glasses. Accurate optometry is a basic factor. Before fitting glasses, check whether the optician's optometry and optician staff have an optometrist or optometrist certificate issued by the Provincial Optical Industry Association; if the optometry is affected by emotional and physical conditions, you should go through two optometry within a few days. Achieve scientific and accurate optometry results. 2. Pay attention to the material selection of glasses. Generally, spectacle lenses are divided into resin, glass and crystal. Both lenses and frames should have a shelf life. If the lenses and frames are imported materials, they should have an import commodity inspection certificate. 3. See the product quality inspection certificate. 9805 Mirror Leg Gun Lens Dark Green Toad Mirror Genuine Driver Mirror Men’s Alloy Polarized Sunglasses When purchasing glasses, be sure to read the product quality inspection certificate, manufacturer name and factory address of the glasses you purchased, and also ask for a shopping invoice. In case of quality problems, you can Protect your legal rights and interests. When choosing sunglasses for children, the following aspects should be considered: nose pads children’s heads are very different from adults, especially the height of the nose bridge. Most children have lower nose bridges. Therefore, it is best to choose nose pads for children’s glasses. High, or eyeglass frames with adjustable nose pads. Otherwise, the nose pads of the frames are low, and the glasses are easy to stick to the eyeballs, or even touch the eyelashes, causing eye discomfort. Frame material The material of the frame is mainly divided into metal frame and plastic sheet frame. Most children are active, and they are more casual about taking off, wearing and placing glasses. The metal frame is easy to deform and break, and the metal frame may cause skin irritation. The plastic frame is not easy to change and difficult to damage. You must pay attention to the weight when choosing children's glasses. Because the weight of the glasses directly acts on the bridge of the nose, if they are too heavy, it is easy to cause soreness in the bridge of the nose, which may lead to degeneration of the nasal bone. Therefore, the weight of glasses for children is generally less than 20 grams. Frame size YC3028 Unisex sunglasses C4 flower tortoiseshell gold/lens gray children's glasses should have enough field of sight. Since children have a wide range of activities, try not to choose frames that will produce shadows and blind spots in the line of sight. If the frame is too small, the field of view will become smaller; if the frame is too large, it is easy to wear unstable, and the weight will increase. Therefore, children’s eyeglass frames should be of moderate size. The optical quality of the selected lens will affect the visual quality. Therefore, children’s glasses should choose lenses with good light transmittance to avoid inferior lenses from aggravating myopia. From a safety point of view, children should choose safe, non-fragile resin lenses instead of glass, so as to avoid eye injuries caused by broken lenses. Prices Most parents think that the more expensive the better, the best for their children. In fact, the refractive power of children's eyes changes relatively quickly, often in half a year to a year. From an economic point of view, choosing the right price is more important. Related Reading: Sunglasses and Children's Glasses
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