There are several types of sunglasses, which one is more suitable for you?

u003cbru003eSunglasses have almost become a pair of accessories for humans. They are no longer specifically designed to block the sun as before. Now they are more used to match. There are several types of sunglasses, which are suitable for different groups of people. Which types are they? Gucci GG3685/F/S Women's sunglasses with gradient black 6UDHD are classified according to the standard classification and according to the light transmittance (light transmittance) of the sunglasses. Category 3: light-colored sunglasses, sun-shading sunglasses and special-purpose (such as skiing, mountain climbing, and going to sea) sunglasses. From the appearance, the color becomes darker, and the filtering effect of ultraviolet rays is gradually enhanced. For people who only need to block the general sun or use sunglasses as decoration, light-colored sunglasses are fine; for people who are in strong sunlight and who suffer from the above-mentioned eye diseases and need to wear sunglasses, they should choose sun-shielded sunglasses. ; People engaged in special occupations (such as skiing, mountain climbing and going to sea, etc.) choose special-purpose sunglasses. What needs to be reminded is that friends who ride or drive, do not choose too dark lenses to avoid accidents due to unclear traffic signals. In short, everyone should choose sunglasses according to their own specific conditions and needs. Patients with eye diseases should choose sunglasses according to the recommendations of the ophthalmologist, so as to protect their health and bring beauty and comfort. Ray-Ban RB3541 Men's Sunglasses 003/8G Silver/Gray Film Sunglasses Which color is good? Brown-Brown lenses can filter a lot of blue light, which is good for wearing under air pollution and foggy conditions. Gray-Gray lens is the most common. It can absorb any color spectrum in a balanced manner. When viewing the scene, it will only darken without obvious chromatic aberration. It can show a more real and natural feeling, which is suitable for most people. Silver-Silver mercury lenses can absorb and reflect more solar radiation, which is suitable for people who engage in outdoor sports. Green-Green lenses can increase the green light reaching the eyes, making the wearer feel cool and comfortable, and suitable for people who are prone to eye fatigue. Red and blue-red and blue lenses are not effective in protecting the eyes, and the red blocking effect is poor. The blue lenses promote blue light to irritate the eyeballs, so it is not recommended for everyone to choose, but they can be used as decoration. Related Reading: Fashion Sunglasses, Famous Brand Sunglasses
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