There are three treasures in the transformation of Obama, including sunglasses

u003cbru003eSeeing Oppa in the TV series, many girls will leak a nymphomaniac, and then look at their unruffled boyfriends around them, many girls will complain, in fact, girls don’t have to worry too much, they just lack one It's just a little change. So where does the change start? The editor secretly tells you that if you want to become an Oppa, you must have three essentials: sunglasses, white shoes and a backpack. 'Descendants of the Sun' made many girls 'lick the screen' Song Zhongji, and the title of a new generation of male gods is right for him. Military camouflage uniforms with no resistance at all, coupled with handsome sunglasses accessories, has set off another camouflage fever and sunglasses trend in the fashion industry! Let’s first take a look at how handsome oppas use three treasures to get out of the street. Yes! One of the magic weapons of becoming handsome: Sunglasses and sunglasses must be a must-have item for most boys. Not only can they shade and sunscreen when the weather is hot, they are also a concave shape tool when necessary. Whether you want a decent uncle fan or a handsome fresh meat fan, sunglasses can easily help you realize your dreams! In addition, sunglasses will give people a strong sense of self-confidence and a strong aura, self-confidence and aura. Now, do you still have to worry about the rate of turning back? Here are some of my favorite sunglasses, 9803c1 frame, gold lens, tea toad mirror, polarized sunglasses, myopia sunglasses, Ray-Ban RB2132-F men’s sunglasses 622/17 black/colorful blue Ray-Ban RB3447 Men’s Sunglasses 019/30 Silver/Shallow Mercury Film Turns into a Handsome Oppa Magic Two: Little White Shoes I believe that everyone has been swiped enough by the white shoes this season. All the previous ones by Amway are all female models , But in fact, boys are more handsome wearing white shoes. The feeling of lightness and cleanness cannot be achieved by other colors. It can be paired with nine-point jeans or black or gray suit pants, which will definitely make people shine. The third magic weapon of transforming into a handsome oppa: The backpack has become an antidote to men with 'difficulty in choosing a bag' as the backpack has become popular in recent seasons, but its popularity is definitely not for people to recall In the age of schoolbags, boys have become more fashionable in dress matching. Stars like Li Yifeng, William Chan, Li Minyan, and Chi Changxu are all fans of backpacks. If you want to know more about Oppa's information and wearing tips, please pay attention! Related reading: Sunglasses, men's fashion sunglasses
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