There is a trick for couples to wear glasses

u003cbru003eRecently, a cute grandma wearing glasses posted a group of photos with her wife on her blog. The reason is that the pair of glasses wears not only cute but also fashionable. The old lady always wears a pair of fashionable frame glasses, the clothes are mainly bright colors with different long skirts, while the old man is a pair of half-frame glasses, suit jacket and jeans with different hats, casual and fashionable . This pair of glasses couples are very loving together, and the atmosphere is warm! Many people pay attention to them and envy them for their long love and fashion! The pairing style of the two people is the same, and they both wear a pair of frame glasses and look gentle and friendly. The pair of glasses couples are relatively consistent in color matching and style matching. If you want to learn fashion, let’s start with glasses! The editor recommends two fashion classics~ Seiko H1061c2 silver counter genuine medium size half-frame men’s pure titanium business myopia frame glasses reading glasses set 9923/6306 ladies finished reading glasses pink red Two sets of gift box pictures from the Internet, if you want to delete, please contact Related reading: glasses frame glasses
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