These kinds of sunglasses need to be purchased carefully

u003cbru003eAs the weather gets warmer, more and more friends are buying sunglasses. Indeed, sunglasses are a weapon to block the sun and dress up, and are sought after by more and more people. But do you know? These kinds of sunglasses need to be purchased with caution! YC9702 universal sunglasses C1 black frame, white legs/colorful silver lens, unqualified transmittance. Wearing this kind of sunglasses will cause traffic signal identification obstacles, which can easily cause traffic accidents. . Unqualified resistance performance Sunglasses that do not meet the resistance performance requirements are easily broken when impacted by an external force, and the fragments can cause fatal damage to human eyes. Poor anti-ultraviolet function. Sunglasses with poor anti-ultraviolet function can block more than 99% of ultraviolet rays. Sunglasses with poor UV protection function not only fail to protect against UV rays, but can also cause damage to the eyes. There is no product category identification. Sunglasses without category identification are generally divided into three categories, namely, sun-shading mirrors for sunshade, light-colored mirrors for decoration, and special mirrors for preventing snow blindness or waterproof plane radiation. If there is no product category mark, consumers cannot correctly identify the purpose of sunglasses when buying, which will affect the effect of use. Ray-Ban RB4222 Men's Sunglasses 622/8G Matte Black/Lens Gray After reading the introduction of the editor, I believe everyone has a better understanding of sunglasses. So don't think that sunglasses are just decorations, and they are not in direct contact with the eyes. Just bring a pair of sunglasses. In fact, it is very important to choose a pair of sunglasses that are qualified and suitable for you. Related Reading: Sunglasses and Sunglasses
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