'Three no products' sunglasses may hurt the eyes


In the hot summer days, in order to block the glare of the sun, most citizens choose to wear fashionable sunglasses when traveling. Inferior sunglasses not only fail to protect against ultraviolet rays, they can even damage the eyes, and even more serious cause headaches and dizziness.   It is understood that since the beginning of summer, the sales of sunglasses have become increasingly popular. Various shops are selling sunglasses of various styles, and the prices range from more than ten yuan to several thousand yuan. In regular eyewear shops, the sunglasses sold are detailed with the name, address, telephone number of the manufacturer, and the function and material of the glasses. However, there is only one price on the sunglasses sold in the jewelry store, and there is no indication of any information. Many consumers often only pay attention to aesthetics when buying, but do not care about the quality of their own lenses.  According to professional opticians, the reason why sunglasses can block ultraviolet rays is because a special coating film is added to the lenses. Low-cost sunglasses just add some color coatings to the lenses. Most of the sunglasses lenses sold on the market are made of resin, while inferior sunglasses are made of plastic. Wearing low-quality sunglasses is like being in a low-light environment. At this time, the pupils will be enlarged, and the residual ultraviolet rays will enter the eyes and cause damage to the eyes. In severe cases, it can cause headaches and dizziness. Professionals remind that consumers must go to a formal eyewear store when buying, and look for the 'QS' logo and production license.
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