Three superstar glasses for ladies

u003cbru003eIf you are looking for some fashionable glasses, the following three glasses can help you stand out. In terms of colors, you can use bolder tortoiseshell styles. Recommended reading: Which women's eyewear brand has better-looking frames 1. Oversized glasses Big glasses are one of the best female glasses because they are fun and fascinating, and they are an invitation to dialogue. Fashion is popular, and oversize is a fashion statement, implying the attitude of a superstar. Oversized glasses come in various shapes and are not limited to a single special style. Depending on your face shape, you go to square, round, oval and any other work. Most large-frame glasses are made of high-quality acetate, but the round oversized metal frame is also very popular. The ideal face for oversized glasses is an oval or plump face. As long as the oversized glasses have the opposite profile-square or rectangular, they are also suitable for round faces. 2. BROWLINE glasses The popular glasses of this era are becoming more and more popular in popularity and become one of the best-selling female glasses frames. The seriousness is recommended on the heavy beam, and for this reason is the preferred glasses for professional women who work in a business environment. Black is usually the color of choice for straight eyebrow glasses, which makes it easy to match them with clothing. The straight browline styles are almost all made of high-quality acetic acid rather than metal. The glasses have thick frames to account for their safety and overall shock resistance, so you don't have to worry about breaking them. The best face shapes for this style are oval and round, with a large forehead that can support the frame. 3. Tortoise shell glasses The tortoise shell glasses, also known as horny frame glasses, cat-eye glasses have been a bestseller in women's glasses, and their popularity shows no signs of slowing down. The frames are painted with beautiful nuances honey yellow and wood brown to complement the facial features of your style. The color of the turtle shell looks good in almost every glasses shape-round, square, cat eyes or too large. With the pattern of the turtle shell, you only need to consider the shape of your frame. Try to use the opposite shape of your own face and you will shine. You can find more information about matching face shapes with glasses in our guide. If you are looking for some fashionable glasses, the following three glasses can help you stand out. In terms of color, you can use bolder tortoiseshell styles. ??
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