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u003cbru003eRetro is an eternal trend, and classic things will always make people remember, so it has become a retro trend, as the so-called classic is eternal. Ray-Ban is the sunglasses brand that perfectly interprets the concept of 'eternity'. Since its establishment in 1930, Ray-Ban has always adhered to its original beliefs and devoted itself to making glasses. Most of its glasses have become the objects of many brands to imitate and become a classic. Ray-Ban sunglasses have always maintained a good design and technological innovation, and new styles will be launched every once in a while, and these new styles not only follow the trend, but also maintain a consistent classic style that can be eternally passed on; Ray-Ban sunglasses have always been popular culture and The close connection of the spirit of rock and roll, one side is popular and the other is rock, the two are combined into one, with both popular factors and full of punk feel; in addition, Ray-Ban sunglasses are also the leading brand in industry advertising. We all know that Ray Peng sunglasses are a favorite of many celebrities, and these celebrity effects have brought a lot of advertising effects. After understanding the general information of Ray-Ban sunglasses, the editor will show you some classic Ray-Ban sunglasses~Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses Ray-Ban RB3449 men's sunglasses silver/lens colorful blue 004/55 This is Ray-Ban sunglasses A similar model of the Aviator sunglasses launched in 1937. The unique features of Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses are its teardrop-shaped lenses and extremely lightweight metal frame. In addition to being suitable for both men and women, aviators are a versatile artifact that can coexist in harmony with all clothing styles. No wonder since the 1960s The global trend of pilots has never stopped. For the classic Ray-Ban pilot style, the silver frame with black lenses or the gold frame with dark green lenses are mainly used. Of course, more matching has appeared now. Ray-Ban Wayfarer series sunglasses Ray-Ban RB2140-F black frame dark green sheet fashion casual sheet large size men's sunglasses. This is the hiker series sunglasses launched by Ray-Ban sunglasses in 1952, which is a full-frame sheet sunglasses. It is the first-selling outdoor glasses sold by Amazon in the United States. It belongs to the Ray-Ban classic NewWayfarer hiker series. It is an improvement of the classic RB2140 series based on Asian faces. It can be worn by both men and women with 100% UVAu0026UVB protection. The unique shape complements the Ray-Ban handwritten logo on the temples. Since the style was first created in 1952, Ray-BanWayfarer has been quickly sought after by Hollywood producers, stars, musicians and artists, and consolidated Later idol status. Ray-Ban Party Master Series Sunglasses Ray-Ban RB3016 black frame dark green sheet metal fashion high-end large size ladies sunglasses. This is the Party Master series sunglasses launched by Ray-Ban sunglasses in 1986, using a half-frame plate and metal design. Ray-Ban took inspiration from the retro style of the 1950s, and in 1986 designed and produced the Clubmaster party master model. This classic best-selling model has the perfect match of the plate eyebrow and the metal eyebrow, plus the typical iconic rivets, redefining the retro with its simple and straightforward design. After the release of the Clubmaster party master model, it immediately attracted the love of many Hollywood stars. Denzel Washington, Matt Damon, and Kevin Costner all wore this party master model in their classic movies. glasses. The above is the editor's compilation. For more information about sunglasses, please check. Website: https://www.yichao.cn/ In addition, there are a variety of sunglasses to choose from, with high quality and low price! Related reading: Sunglasses Polarized Sunglasses
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