Tinted glasses are not equal to sunglasses

u003cbru003eWhen buying sunglasses, you should first look at the anti-ultraviolet and glare-shielding functions of the lenses. For example: colored glasses are not equal to sunglasses, recognize the anti-ultraviolet logo; the specific color of the lens should not affect the natural color of the object to ensure eye comfort... Pay attention to the following six points: 1. Colored glasses are not equal to sunglasses. Recognize that the ultraviolet wavelength of the anti-ultraviolet logo is below 400 nanometers. When choosing sunglasses, you should recognize the 'UV400' logo. This logo indicates that it can resist ultraviolet rays. Some sunglasses will be marked with 'UV protection' or '100% UV protectionDo not buy without such a mark. There are many colored glasses on the market, and many people think that as long as the glasses are colored to block the sun, they are sunglasses. Actually, this is a misunderstanding. UV protection and strong light blocking are the two main functions of sunglasses. The color of the lens is mainly to block strong light so that people can see things without glare. Whether the lens can prevent ultraviolet light has nothing to do with the color, mainly depends on the lens material and coating conditions. If only the style is beautiful or cheap, buying a pair of colored glasses without UV protection is more harmful than not wearing a mirror. Because the human body has a self-protection response, when the eyes are exposed to strong light, the pupils will naturally shrink, which reduces the ultraviolet rays entering the eyes. However, if you wear colored glasses without UV protection, the light intensity received by the eyes will be weakened and the pupils will be enlarged. Ultraviolet rays invade. 2. The color of the lens is preferably medium. The color of the lens is too light, and the function of blocking strong light will be weakened. If you move in a sunny place, you will still feel dazzling and discomfort. The color of the lens is too dark, it will affect the vision, and even interfere with the natural color of the object, and it is difficult to distinguish the traffic lights. Generally, sunglasses with medium dark colors can meet people's daily needs. 1.561 color-changing lens 3. The specific color of the lens should not affect the natural color of the object to ensure eye comfort. There are many colors of sunglasses on the market, mainly brown, gray, green, but also red, yellow, etc. The reason why strong sunlight makes people look uncomfortable is mainly related to the stimulation of yellow light on the eyes. Generally, brown, gray, and green lenses have strong blocking ability against yellow light. The specific color can be determined according to personal preference, but no matter what color lens is selected, the principle should be that the color of things is not distorted, the traffic light can be effectively recognized, and the eyes feel comfortable. 4. The lens surface is smooth, without ripples, bubbles, abrasion marks, and the vision is not deformed. Sunglasses are flat lenses. The surface treatment, curvature and diopter of the lens have strict standards, especially the diopter should be within 0.008. Only in this way can we see things without distortion. Otherwise, wearing sunglasses with excessive diopter will cause eye discomfort and dizziness. The simple way to judge the quality of the lens is to slowly move the glasses up and down in front of your eyes to see if the object is deformed through the lens. It looks good on line objects such as window panes and door frames. If the lines are bent, it means that the lens is unqualified and should not be purchased. In addition, you should also pay attention to whether the surface of the lens is smooth, and there should be no ripples, bubbles, or wear marks. 5. Don't have too big frame. Large frame sunglasses are very popular and popular among young people. But the size and style of the glasses should be determined according to the individual's eyes and face shape. Generally speaking, as long as the lenses can cover the eyes and completely block the sun, there is no need to follow the trend and choose sunglasses with very large frames. Sunglasses are too large and the broad frame will oppress the infraorbital branch of the trigeminal nerve. Generally, wearing these glasses for 1 to 2 weeks will cause eye swelling, numbness between the eye sockets or between the cheeks, and dull perception, which is not good for eye health. 6. Crystal mirrors are not UV resistant. The brown crystal glasses sold in street stalls or small shops are quite popular among middle-aged and elderly friends. They think that wearing this kind of crystal glasses is very seductive. In fact, crystal glasses do not have any anti-ultraviolet function and must not be used as sunglasses. Related reading: Sunglasses
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