Tips for buying color changing glasses

u003cbru003eAs the weather is getting hotter and hotter, people’s enthusiasm is also inflated. Looking around, in addition to all kinds of beautiful clothes on the street, the eye-catching thing is the fashionable sunglasses with different styles. , And these sunglasses are mainly color-changing glasses. In recent years, color-changing glasses have been loved by the public for their unique charm, but how many people really understand color-changing glasses, and what determines the glasses when buying color-changing glasses Don’t worry about the pros and cons of the lenses. Next, I will introduce a few simple ways to distinguish the pros and cons of the color-changing lenses. Essilor 1.591 Gray Lens Cosmic Aspheric Diamond Crystal A3 Spectacle Lenses 1. Are the two color changing lenses consistent? In addition to the smooth surface and free of any impurities, the color and thickness of the two lenses must be consistent. The difference in thickness and thickness will cause the two eyes to receive different light, and there will be huge differences in irritation, which will seriously affect the vision of the eyes and damage the health of the eyes; so everyone must carefully observe when choosing to ensure the consistency of the two lenses of the glasses. . 2. The speed of the color change of the color changing lens The quality of the color changing lens can also be judged by the color change time of the lens under sunlight and the length of the color recovery time when returning to the room. High-quality color-changing glasses react quickly under strong sunlight, and the color will be dark in about 10 minutes; at the same time, when you return to the room for about 20 minutes, you will find that the color of the lens is completely restored; compared to the quality preference discoloration It takes longer for lenses and inferior products to change color. Seriously inferior glasses are exposed to strong sunlight, and even the color does not change. 3. Wearing comfort of color-changing lenses. Why some color-changing lenses are worn for too long, which will make people feel dizzy, nauseous, or the scenery and the observation of the glasses are very different. These are all because the quality of the color-changing lenses is not enough, so, When choosing tinted lenses, you must pay attention to observation to ensure the comfort of wearing the color-changing lenses. In addition, when buying, you can hold the glasses in your hand and watch the distant scenery through the lens, shaking up and down, left and right, if there is no obvious discomfort, it is the quality preferred color-changing lens. This product will not be obvious even if you wear it for too long. Fatigue or a sense of difference. Through the surface smoothness of the color-changing lens, the consistency of the two color-changing lenses, the speed of the color-changing glasses, and the wearing comfort of the color-changing lens, we hope that everyone stays away from inferior lenses and can create a comfortable living environment for the eyes. Related Reading: Sunglasses Discoloration Film
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