Toad mirror leads the fashion trend to return strongly

u003cbru003eA pair of stylish and cool' target='_blank'>sunglasses will always make your outfit more colorful. Wearing it when you travel in autumn will not only allow you to enjoy the natural and comfortable feeling, but also have the style like a star. But now, the cool 'Toad Mirror' that was popular in the 1980s has returned again this year and is loved by many fashionable people. Classic frog models Polarized sunglasses Trendy driver's mirrors In this year's sunglasses market, women's models still retain the popular elements of last year, namely retro, color, and plate. In addition, gradient lenses and fancy temples have become the two highlights of this year. Fashion styles are always reincarnated. The retro big-frame glasses look more aura, and the big-frame glasses can also make the face smaller, which is more in line with the aesthetics of the '90s' and '00s'. The 'Toad Mirror' that was popular in the 1980s returns again this year. The difference is that the color of the lens has changed from the previous monochromatic lens to the most fashionable reflective lens. Although the color gradient lenses are quite new, most consumers still prefer dark colors such as blue, brown, and dark green for the consideration of shading and UV protection. Because of the distinctive personality of colored sunglasses, they are very particular about matching with clothing and hairstyles, so many people buy several kinds of colored sunglasses. Many people used to wear a pair of sunglasses for two to three years, but now people are more willing to keep trying various styles of sunglasses. Some consumers will buy two or even multiple pairs of sunglasses in a summer. Some consumers like to buy some cheap sunglasses sold on the small commodity market and online in order to chase the trendy without the burden. Improper selection and wearing of sunglasses can cause damage to the eyes. If you choose low-quality sunglasses that do not block ultraviolet rays, your pupils will be enlarged after wearing them, and ultraviolet rays will damage your eyes more easily than when you do not wear sunglasses. Secondly, the lenses of inferior sunglasses often have problems such as pitting, poor brightness, and uneven curvature. Wearing such sunglasses will cause blurred vision and unevenness of seeing things, which will affect vision over a long period of time. For eye health, consumers should try their best to choose sunglasses of their own brand while buying glasses. So how should we choose the sunglasses that suit us? Investigate whether the lens has scratches, impurities, bubbles, or streaks. Check the outer packaging of the sunglasses. Regular sunglasses should be marked with the name, color, diameter, quality level, manufacturer name and trademark, and UVA protection is indicated on the mirror or tag. , UVB and CE symbolic sunglasses can ensure a certain degree of UV protection. When buying sunglasses, try to see if you feel fainting or headache. Nowadays, there are some prescription sunglasses for myopia on the market. However, because the interpupillary distance and other goals vary from person to person, it is best for consumers not to choose such sunglasses if there is no professional guidance. For more information, please see the related article: 'Eight Points to Note' for Sunglasses Purchase Related Reading: Fashion Sunglasses, Famous Brand Sunglasses
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