Trendy big-frame glasses are not suitable for everyone

u003cbru003eAt present, big-frame glasses are the love of current stars. Many film and television works have big-frame glasses. In the romantic movie '33 Days of Broken LoveIn the hit drama 'The Gang of MenBig-frame glasses are not just the patent of celebrities. Walking in the streets, those fashionable young people, handsome men and beauties who stand on the cutting edge of the trend are also unwilling to lag behind, with a pair of big-frame glasses on the bridge of their noses, full of personality. Large-frame glasses modify the shape of the face, and there is a strong trend, but are everyone suitable to wear large-frame glasses? In fact, not everyone is suitable for wearing large-frame glasses, especially those with small interpupillary distance and high myopia. Optometry glasses have two important parameters: diopter and interpupillary distance. Large-rim glasses often have problems with interpupillary distance. When wearing large-rim glasses, interpupillary distance needs to be especially considered. The distance between the centers of the two lenses should be suitable for the patient's interpupillary distance. Otherwise, even if the degree is correct, the patient will feel discomfort after wearing the glasses and affect vision. While large-frame glasses have become fashionable, the optical center distance does not match the actual interpupillary distance of the human eye because the lens is too large, which will affect the eye to a certain extent. When some patients with small interpupillary distance are equipped with large-frame glasses, the business may enlarge the interpupillary distance for the appearance of the glasses. However, if you wear glasses with too large interpupillary distance for a long time, patients are prone to blurred vision and visual fatigue. Therefore, People with small interpupillary distance are not recommended to wear large-rim glasses. If myopia patients want to wear large-frame glasses, they must first go to a professional fitting institution to do an optometry examination to see if their pupillary distance is suitable for wearing large-frame glasses, and choose glasses with a suitable interpupillary distance range under the guidance of a professional doctor . Beauty is important, health is more important. Article title: Trendy big-frame glasses are not suitable for everyone to wear Article finishing:
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