Two points for choosing a polarizing lens for sunglasses

u003cbru003eNowadays, people choose sunglasses to pay more attention to their practicality, and sunglasses polarized lenses have undoubtedly become the first choice of the public now, because sunglasses polarized lenses are more practical and healthier, whether it is driving, fishing, or going out. Can give you the most intimate guardian and the most fashionable dress! So how should we choose sunglasses polarizer? Look for two points: YC9703 ladies sunglasses C3 black/colorful blue 1. Light sunglasses polarizers should be able to filter% Ninety-nine reflections chaotic light and harmful ultraviolet light, and not easy to break, only in this way can we better protect our eyes, and in the case of more serious light reflection, it can also ensure the clarity of our vision. 2. If you want to know whether your glasses are polarized sunglasses and their quality, you need to look at the color change of the sunglasses. Here is a very practical way. We can face the sunglasses horizontally to the display. At this time, the color of the lens will not change, but if we rotate forty-five degrees clockwise, the color of the lens will become darker. The rotation will return to normal again. This is the polarized sunglasses, and according to the different appearance of the color, we can also better distinguish its quality. If you want to know more about the key points of choosing polarized sunglasses for sunglasses, please go to 'Careful when choosing polarized sunglasses'. If you want to buy genuine polarized sunglasses, it is best to go to a regular optical shop to buy. Related reading: Polarized sunglasses for polarized sunglasses
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