Two ways to identify when buying sunglasses

u003cbru003e1. Read the product logo clearly and pay attention to whether the glasses are marked with anti-ultraviolet function and impact resistance. This is because not all sunglasses are UV resistant. If they are sunglasses with 'UV protectionRecommended reading: Sunglasses purchase tips. If it is a sunglasses with 'impact resistanceAt the same time, these logos or manuals should be kept, and there is a basis in case of problems. Especially for myopic children who fit myopic sunglasses, it is recommended to fit myopic sunglasses with impact resistance to prevent unnecessary accidents in sports for children who are naturally active and active. 2. Observe the quality of the lens When the sunglasses are placed in front of the eyes, observe the distance through the lens, move the glasses up and down, left and right, the target should not swing, and the lens color is stable. Looking out through the lens, the colors of the surrounding things are not distorted, and it has the ability to recognize different colored signal lights. The shade of the sunglasses lens is not very helpful in resisting ultraviolet rays. In addition to the pursuit of beauty and recognition of the logo, you must also pay attention to the protection of sunglasses. Good sunglasses can effectively block ultraviolet rays and glare, and can reduce bright light and harmful ultraviolet rays ( UV) light and glare damage to the eyes. Polarized lenses, anti-reflection coated lenses, etc. can make sunglasses better reduce glare, anti-reflection, increase object contrast in foggy and cloudy days, and make the field of vision clear. ?? Related reading: popular sunglasses
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