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u003cbru003eSunglasses can not only shading, but also be used as a good single product to match, almost becoming a hand-made commodity. There are many brands of sunglasses, I believe everyone is familiar with Ray-Ban, but which domestic sunglasses brands are better? Today I will introduce you to Tyrannosaurus sunglasses. Tyrannosaurus glasses was founded in 2003, has been focusing on the glasses industry, is a classic standing at the forefront of fashion. At the same time, the brand's most elegant style and taste have always been continued in the style design and creation, highlighting the eye-catching and charming temperament and individual charm. Tyrannosaurus brand sunglasses adhering to the design concept of 'enjoy the eye-catchingThe supreme' innovative style. The more famous Tyrannosaurus sunglasses are polarized sunglasses, which can protect the eyes. In life, there are too many light sources that will produce harmful light, especially sunlight; the light emitted from the sunlight includes three types: visible light, infrared light, and ultraviolet light. Among them, ultraviolet rays cause serious damage to human skin, eyes, etc.; long-term exposure will cause damage to the body, and it will also have a serious impact on eyesight. Polarized sunglasses have the function of polarizing light, so they can block all harmful light without affecting the transmission of visible light, which can truly protect the eyes. Recommended reading: How to use sunglasses to protect the eyes of the elderly Tyrannosaurus BJ1055 glasses frame P01 black Tyrannosaurus sunglasses There are many series, there are women wearing 'Beauty line series, Advocating popular feminine design, function and design meet the needs of white-collar women in leisure life, sports experience and driving pleasure. In addition, the Tyrannosaurus brand also has optical frames, which are unique in design, which is more in line with the characteristics of Asian faces; the material is perfectly matched with metal and plate, and the exquisite mix and match of popular colors highlight the extraordinary taste of fashion people. From the selection of materials to the craftsmanship, they all reflect Tyrannosaurus's superb technical craftsmanship and the brand purpose of pursuing perfect visual perception. Related Reading: All-match sunglasses, all-match spectacle frame
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